YPF demonstrates industry depth

Being new to the pipeline industry and not having a strong technical background, the insight afforded by a number of brave young pipeliners talking about their particular industry sectors was invaluable. These sectors included environmental engineering, operations, construction and safety, project management, design and materials.

The interplay between these varied sectors to keep pipelines flowing proved one of the most interesting parts of the YPF – covering construction, maintenance and product transmission.

Listening to the author of “˜Inspiring tomorrow’s leaders today: breaking down generational barriers at work’, Avril Henry, speak to the forum about career management and opportunities, made it very clear that APIA is serious about fostering the development of young people within the industry.

This was also demonstrated in the afternoon program where young and experienced pipeliners alike had the chance to state where they think the industry is heading, what types of innovations will work in the future and what established industry skills should be taken forward.

For me, the Brisbane conference demonstrated that it is an exciting time to be part of the pipeline industry and with the great YPF programs, the industry is in good hands for the future!

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