X marks the spot


Mipela GeoSolutions is making its mark with clients as it finalises the migration of its X-Info portal hosting platform in Amazon Web Services as part of a digital transformation.

Communication, customer service, innovation and creativity, teamwork and technical competence. These are the five values that drive Mipela GeoSolutions, a geographic information system (GIS) company that provides services and a range of desktop and web-based software offerings through its X-Info suite of products across the energy and infrastructure sectors.

The X-Info suite turns data collection and analysis into a streamlined process, as it can manage, share, visualise and capture data for clients – connecting people with information.

Mipela GeoSolutions is currently undertaking a digital transformation of the X-Info suite. The phases of this project are to migrate and modernise, so the Mipela team can in turn enhance security, improve reliability, and increase performance.

“We are continuing with our digital transformation, with the migration phase of our new X-Info portal hosting platform in AWS (Amazon Web Services) now complete,” Mipela GeoSolutions Founder and Managing Director Hayden McDonald said.

“This has been one of our most significant projects Mipela has undertaken and we thank our valued clients for their continuous support.”

“We now move into the modernisation phase to leverage the new capabilities for our X-Info suite assurance solutions, with our focus on enhanced security, improved reliability, and increased performance for the clients we service.”

The “Enhance Security” phase.

Having now migrated to AWS, the X-Info suite can introduce a variety of benefits for clients.

“By lowering our risk profile through improved reliability, we can now focus on increasing our performance and enhancing security,” McDonald said.

“This digital transformation will also leverage insights to improve sustainability and corporate transparency.”

“Finally, the new hosting platform will improve employee and client experience to increase productivity, therefore reducing operating costs.”

To showcase the breadth of its solutions and new cloud computing services partnership with AWS, Mipela will exhibit at the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) Annual Convention and Exhibition.

“We’re really excited to showcase our cloud computing services partnership with AWS and the magnitude of cloud services available to us in AWS in an engaging way for convention goers,” McDonald said.

“Whether you’re just starting out with cloud or looking to migrate on-premise solutions to AWS, we help clients accelerate their cloud transformation, no matter where they are in their journey.”

The “Increase Performance” phase.

“We invite you to come visit us at the exhibition and learn about how we can provide you with the essential assurance solutions you should be expecting.”

This article featured in the September edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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