Working safer and smarter

Land Access & Management Services is refining the approach to its work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in order to continue its operations as Australia’s top land access service provider for utilities.

Land Access & Management Services (LAMS) supports the efforts of the Australian governments across all states and territories in their approach and management of the COVID-19 threat. The company also acknowledges the efforts and guidance of the World Health Organisation (WHO), and the industry’s international colleagues during these uncertain times.

As one of Australia’s leading land access service providers, LAMS understands the importance of continuing its work across projects throughout the country; however, the company’s immediate priorities are to protect the health and wellbeing of its workforce, their families and significant others, as well as the workforce and families of its clients and the broader Australian communities.

In order to achieve this, LAMS has reviewed it nationwide operations and implemented several processes congruent with the current government guidelines. As a result, LAMS remains open for business, and the company has expanded its scope of operations to assist its commercial clients, and its government engagements across Australia.

LAMS has teams based in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland, all of which continue to service clients in these areas without disruption. Outside of these locations, LAMS has the digital capabilities to service clients in the Northern Territory, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory.

LAMS’ work in these areas focuses on remote work, including preliminary activities in project planning, desktop research and coordinating services via digital conferencing.

Project specialists

The LAMS team has and continues to work with numerouskey clients within Australia across multiple projects. Using its tailored project management approach, LAMS prioritises achieving cost, scope and time parameters through a commitment to stakeholder consultation, negotiation and process control.

LAMS’ project specialists come from agriculture and industry backgrounds, placing them in the enviable position to manage landowner consultations effectively, efficiently and with respect and understanding. The company’s ability to negotiate with landowners and stakeholders assures its continued success throughout Australia.

LAMS continues to work with the industry’s biggest names, including, but not limited to, Santos, Origin Energy, Jemena and APA Group, with the company’s extensive experience meaning it can serve clients with a degree of quality and efficiency not found elsewhere.

For more information visit the LAMS website.

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