WDS: shaping up for CSG success

WDS’ infrastructure and services division (previously Diversified Construction Corporation), has completed the construction of coal seam gas (CSG) field infrastructure for a number of Queensland projects including the Berwyndale to Wallumbilla Pipeline and the Berwyndale South Gas Field.

To meet the anticipated increase in CSG work in 2010, and to better manage costs and cross-utilisation of resources, WDS is establishing a common plant management and procurement strategy across the business. This is being undertaken as part of a broader re-positioning of the company. Going forward, WDS will deliver its services through three divisions:

  • Infrastructure and services, led by Robin Bailey, will develop the company’s increased focus on water and civil infrastructure, as well as tunnels and microtunnelling;
  • Oil and gas, led by Mel Whyte, will focus on CSG services, engineering procurement construction contracts and major pipelines in the oil and gas sector; and,
  • Mining, led by Wayne Bull, will continue to focus on building an integrated mining services business inclusive of engineering support for tunnelling and large plant.

The company’s previous approach to CSG development saw its resources segmented between field work, the construction of field infrastructure and pipelines as each area was developed simultaneously.

The company expects a surge in activity in the CSG sector in 2010. However, WDS believes rescheduling CSG field development is necessary to realign the delivery capability of the Queensland CSG sector through to LNG export.

WDS emphasised that the timing of LNG projects is a crucial issue as such projects require a significant increase in well production, while assuring that pipeline infrastructure is in place once the wells come online.

The company said that pipe infrastructure needs to be designed to be delivered over a 25-year period.

The previous WDS sub-companies – Ackroyd Engineering Services, Advent Asia Pacific, Delco Energy Australia, Diversified Construction Corporation, Diversified Engineering Corporation, MacCormick Civil & Tunnelling, Walter Mining and Walter Engineering – will all now practise under the single banner of WDS.

WDS said that the re-positioning will not affect any existing contracts, which will remain with the current WDS entity. The re-positioning of WDS as outlined will improve the value and consistency of the service offering to clients and enhance the group’s execution capability in the contract services industry.

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