WDS Ltd set to inflate on QLD gas

WDS Ltd has said that it will continue to consider all strategic relationships that could enhance their ability to service this growth sector. The company’s oil and gas division provides a range of specialist pipeline design, construction, maintenance and installation services to the oil and gas sector.

WDS Ltd understands from industry feedback that the size of the projects to meet first gas requirements is in the vicinity of 2,500 PJ/a, increasing from the current domestic CSG market of between 170-180 PJ/a.

“We believe that we are able to service our client’s needs in the current environment. We will continue to position ourselves as an appropriately sized counterparty from a risk perspective going forward,” said a WDS Ltd spokesman.

The ability of WDS Ltd to service the expanding industry will “partially be dependent upon the proposed delivery models that each of the clients choose for their delivery model” the spokesman said, “which will in turn influence our own operating model going forward”.

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