Wastewater rehabilitation project commences

Bent to Keith pipeline

Watercare has commenced a $3.6 million rehabilitation project, which will see 3.5km of wastewater pipelines relined in Warkworth, New Zealand (NZ).

The project aims to reduce wastewater overflows and improve water quality in the city.

Work began in August, with the aim to be completed by December 2023.

Watercare project manager Johan Gerritsen said the wastewater rehabilitation project is a key milestone in reducing the risk of overflows.

“The project will ensure that the existing wastewater pipes can continue to transfer wastewater safely and consistently through our network to our treatment plants for many more years,” Gerritsen said.

As with many other wastewater network rehabilitation projects, the pipeline relining work will be carried out using trenchless technology.

“Using this technology, we can complete the relining work and rehabilitate the manholes and pipeline with minimal impact on the community and without taking the pipe out of service,” Gerritsen said.

“Relining the pipeline instead of replacing it is not only less costly and more time efficient but also a lot better for the environment and is much less carbon intensive.

“Plus it will allow us to get the job done much faster than if we had to dig a trench and install a replacement pipeline.”

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