WA accelerates renewable hydrogen future

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The investment comprises nine initiatives that will fuel WA’s hydrogen industry by creating jobs and positioning it as a major producer, user and exporter of renewable hydrogen.

The WA Government said in addition to the investment, the WA Renewable Hydrogen Strategy targets will also be brought forward by a decade from 2040 to 2030.

This strategy aims to boost the state’s hydrogen industry across four areas, those being export, use in remotely located industries, blending in natural gas networks and use in fuel cell electric transport vehicles.

The investment will see $5.7 million committed towards an Australian-first renewable energy microgrid, which will use a new solar power system to produce hydrogen from water – although the WA Government commitment remains subject to ARENA’s final consideration.

Additionally, $2 million has been allocated to FMG H2’s renewable hydrogen mobility project in the Pilbara and another $1 million will be allocated towards ATCO’s hydrogen refueller project in Jandakot, while $5 million will be allocated to the existing $10 million Renewable Hydrogen Fund for grants to support industry development.

Other initiatives included in the WA Recovery Plan to boost the state’s renewable hydrogen industry include $3 million for a regulatory reform package to undertake and support a local hydrogen industry; $2.7 million to expand the Renewable Hydrogen Unit in the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation; $1 million towards identifying suitable hydrogen storage locations; another million to promote hydrogen through a detailed supply chain model; and $600,000 to study blending hydrogen in the existing WA gas network.

For more information visit the WA Government website.

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