Virtual welding simulator designed for GenY

The virtual arc and weld seam – which features true-to-life sound effects – provides a far safer alternative for apprentices who would otherwise be facing a 2,000 degrees Celcius live arc for the first time.

According to Fronius, virtual welding reduces the material-intensive sessions needed when training welders on real welding equipment, resulting in an estimated 25 per cent savings in time, space, materials, gas, filler material and energy. Fronius says the virtual welder is a more cost-effective way of teaching welding, a safer alternative to traditional methods and better for the environment with less waste and reduced emissions.

The system caters to all levels of experience starting with a beginner level where the trainee receives helpful visual and audible prompts for the correct torch position and welding speed.

The virtual weld is displayed on the 3D glasses in the trainee’s helmet as well as on the unit’s touchscreen display. It can also be projected onto a large screen or LCD monitor.

As the trainee guides the torch along the sample work pieces, sensors in the torch, work piece and helmet keep track of the torch and trainee’s head position, detecting and transmitting even the slightest hand movements to the virtual world.

The trainee’s weld is recorded and can be replayed showing a “˜ghost’ of the correct torch position to assist learning. A score is given for the accuracy of the weld performed with the top score displayed as it would in a computer game.

The “training workshop” comes either as a stand-up terminal or as a mobile case that is easily transportable to the training location.

For more information, contact Fronius’ Australian distributor SMENCO on 1300 731 873 or visit

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