Vinidex shines with StormPRO

When McConnell Dowell needed a solution for the Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road upgrade, Vinidex provided a solution with StormPRO.

In Victoria, the Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road is a crucial thoroughfare that links the South Gippsland Highway to Cranbourne’s High Street.

This road however, was plagued by heavy traffic, leading to congestion and significant commuter delays. To address this issue, VicRoads launched the Big Build Project which included the construction of a straight-through road from South Gippsland Highway to improve traffic flow.

StormPRO is a cost effective solution compared to reinforced concrete pipe. Image: Vinidex

The project’s scope was extensive, featuring several upgrades aimed at enhancing community safety. These included the addition of cycle ways, new safety barriers, and major improvements at the intersection of Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road and Thompsons Road.

Faced with the need for a dependable stormwater solution that met the project’s design and sustainable criteria, contractor McConnell Dowell turned to StormPRO by Vinidex.

StormPRO was the favourable choice for McConnell Dowell as it is easier to use, quicker to install and cost effective compared to reinforced concrete pipe, as McConnell Dowell Graduate Engineer Jarrod Woods explained.

“It’s a lot easier to use and quicker to install for the crews so it’s cost effective and makes production a lot better,” Woods said.

The project has been approved for use by a number of authority bodies. Image: Vinidex

StormPRO by Vinidex has been approved for use by numerous authority bodies, for drainage, stormwater, and culvert applications on large scale road and rail infrastructure projects. Its structured wall design ensures it is stiff and holds its shape; has a high impact strength, and is flexible, making it a robust yet adaptable option for various uses.

One of the key advantages of StormPRO was the reduced need for heavy lifting equipment, which translated into time savings during backfilling and a shorter overall installation period. Moreover, StormPRO uses recycled materials in its manufacturing process which align with the project’s sustainability goals. The pipes’ resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals made it suitable for the demanding conditions of the upgrade.

MRPV Project Manager Amir Dianati explained that StormPRO helped the project reach and meet its sustainability, environmental and recycling targets.

“We all are aware of the environment, sustainability, a circular economy to make sure that we can reuse and recycle as much as we can,” Dianati said.

Approximately 2.5km of StormPRO pipe was supplied as an alternative to concrete pipe.

StormPRO’s simple jointing process made installation easy for the project team, which was crucial in minimising road closures and utility relocation challenges. The longer and lighter lengths of pipe also helped toreduce health and safety risks and time constraints compared to heavier alternatives.

The successful implementation of StormPRO resulted in significant cost savings and a reduction in project timelines. Since it was introduced over 15 years ago, StormPRO has been used on countless successful installations, including several historic VicRoads projects, demonstrating its reliability and compliance with relevant Australian and VicRoads standards.

The Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road upgrade, is yet another prime example of how StormPRO is leading the way when it comes to Stormwater drainage solutions making it the first choice on large-scale infrastructure projects.

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