Vic Govt commits to funding new water pipelines

A major part of the funding package will go towards fast-tracking the South West Loddon Rural Water Supply Project in an effort to minimise the impact of ongoing drought and dry conditions on local farmers.

The first stage of this project involves the installation of 40 km of trunk pipeline and three new pumps at Woosang, Karong Vale and Wychitella. These pumps will be used by local landowners to cart water to their properties.

The new pipelines will allow new landholders to connect to the 9,000 km Wimmera Mallee Pipeline network via lateral connections, scheduled to be installed in later stages of the project.

The funding package will also be used for a range of drought support measures including:

  • The increase of water supply to town note connected to a secure water supply network (AU$1.1 million)
  • The implementation of the Catchment Management Authority Drought Employment Program to provide local employment for key environmental projects (AU$1 million)
  • The extension of the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline to increase water supply to properties in the Wartook Valley (AU$150,000)
  • Critical maintenance work on key roads in drought affected regions (AU$1.2 million)
  • The establishment of the Stock Containment Areas Program to improve livestock management during drought events (AU$500,000)
  • The delivery of targeted social support for drought affected households, businesses and communities (AU$400,000).

Alongside this funding program, the Labor Government is also committed to several new investment in water and environmental programs as part of its new Water Plan, due to be released in 2016.

For further information visit Premier Daniel Andrews’ website.
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