Vertex G4Plant is the key for pipeline projects


One of the leading building software providers, Vertex, is behind G4Plant, a versatile design software for all plant suppliers working with large plant models.

The G4Plant software is based on powerful functions that allows users to build an intelligent plant model in an illustrative and streamlined fashion.

In 2013, Finnish environmental engineering company, Watrec implemented the Vertex G4Plant and Vertex Flow software solutions to assist in the design and build of biogas plants.

A biogas plant uses waste as its raw material, which was then digested, resulting in the production of biogas and fertilisers.

Approximately two-thirds of biogas is methane and one-third is carbon dioxide, and can be used as fuel for heat production or burned in a gas engine to produce heat and electricity.

Expansion of the Biogas plant in City of Oulu, Finland.

Solutions Director Juha-Pekka Sura at Watrec Oy said G4Plant’s user friendly system allowsfor a streamlined design of biogas plants.

“The deciding factor was G4Plant’s easy to use piping design,” Sura said.

“We also use Vertex Flow to support G4Plant, as well as in all our project management.

“We have many overlapping projects and previously we found it difficult to manage all the documentation and drawings.”

Vertex G4Plant 3D model of the expansion of the Biogas plant in City of Oulu, Finland.

Most of Watrec’s projects are large scale ones, with physical documents for one project amounting to 20 folders of paper.

Sura praised G4Plant’s data compatibility, useful piping tools and extensive libraries.

“G4Plant is customised to our needs which makes design work easy,” he said.

“We have been very pleased with the quick response time from Vertex.  Support is usually instant.

“We are also thinking of implementing Vertex Building Design software in our business.”

Vertex G4Plant 3D model of the Biogas plant in Honkajoki, Finland.

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