Vale: Robert Fraser

Bob had a long involvement in the pipeline industry, starting as a welding inspector on the Crib Point to Dandenong Pipeline in 1965, then as a supervisor of the workforce on the patrol and maintenance aspects of the Gas and Fuel Corporation’s transmission pipelines.

In 1978, Bob was appointed Construction Supervisor on the duplication of sections of the 750 mm Longford to Dandenong Pipeline. He continued in this position, working on most of the Corporation’s pipelines, until his retirement in 1995. This included a period working with Peter Wheelwright, supervising pipeline construction in Singapore and Thailand.

Bob had a bright personality and would always have a story or comment, such as SS&SGs (sunny day, shorts and sun glasses) and SNAFU (won’t expand this) and “egg and chop in every glass” when work commitments prevented getting to the pub in time for dinner.

He was neat and meticulous in his records, accurately noting the day’s activities. Some of his long time associates include Peter Wheelwright, Mark Bumpstead, John Lott, John Barr, Bob Papp, Fred Verna, George Imre, Maurie Fennell, Barry Wood, and Dennis McNulty.

Bob enjoyed the outdoor life and was a bushman at heart. In his retirement, he and his wife Mavis travelled extensively throughout Australia, escaping Victoria’s winter.

The pipeline industry was well represented at Bob’s funeral and we extend our deepest sympathy to his family.

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