Vacuworx renews commitment to safety

To further educate users of its equipment, the worldwide brand is now offering online training programs complete with course certification through its website.

Safety is a major focal point for operators in the pipe manufacturing, pipeline construction and logistics services sectors.

From unloading and loading pipe from barges, trains and trailers, to stringing pipe along the right of way, contractors are tasked to get the job done as quickly as possible, while making sure no damage is done to the pipe or the people handling it. 

Demand for alternatives to traditional cable and slinging methods of handling pipe has led to widespread adoption of vacuum lifting technology over the past two decades.

Vacuworx, a global provider of heavy-duty lifting solutions for oil and gas and construction-oriented industries, introduced the first of its RC Series Vacuum Lifting Systems more than 20 years ago. 

The product line was specifically designed to offer a safe and more efficient way to load, unload, stage and place pipe.

The RC Series is available in five different models geared toward energy and infrastructure projects, as well as material-handling operations at manufacturing plants, port facilities and laydown yards. 

Powered by self-contained diesel engines, standard RC Series lifters are compatible with large-capacity carrier equipment and boast lifting capacities that range from 10 to 25 t.

Every RC lifter features wireless remote operation and 360° rotation that provides for the precise placement of the pipe being lifted and eliminates the need for cribbing or spacers.

Vacuworx’s specially formulated vacuum pad seal technology won’t hurt delicate materials and bonded coatings, limiting the potential for damage or need for time-consuming repairs.

The units require minimal setup and are capable of handling pipe from 101 mm to an unlimited outer diameter. 

The Tulsa, Oklahoma-based manufacturer with sales, rental, service and manufacturing operations in Queensland has invested heavily in continuous improvement of the RC line, as well as a growing line of vacuum lifting systems for compact equipment and in-plant manufacturing applications. 

A Vacuworx AMC 6 in use for a gas line realignment in Canberra.

Online training 

The Vacuworx commitment to safety does not end with product development.

The company recognises that implementing and enforcing safety protocols can sometimes be quite difficult, especially amid rising costs of doing business. 

To this end, Vacuworx has introduced an industry-leading training program to provide unparalleled access to information to help ensure that dealers and contractors are able to use and service its equipment correctly and safely.

The new online Vacuworx Training Center is available to anyone who operates or services Vacuworx Vacuum Lifting Systems through the company’s website.

The self-guided program currently includes five modules, each with course certifications, focused on the RC Series lifters including Installation, Daily Operation Checklist, Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting. 

Within each module, topics are broken down into specific instructions using a mix of formats including videos, photos and text.

Users are guided step-by-step on how to install Vacuworx lifters and pads, how to operate the equipment safely and troubleshoot any problems that may arise. 

The interactive learning process is designed to promote retention of the material presented and, at the conclusion, users earn their certifications by answering a set of questions that addresses each of the points covered.  

The overall goal of this program is to provide convenient access to training at any time.

It enables customers to quickly educate new hires rather than waiting to schedule in-person training from Vacuworx as well as standardise instruction for the entire team. 

Companies have visibility regarding which team members have taken the appropriate courses based on their job responsibilities, while the modules can serve as a valuable “continuing education” resource.

Vacuworx will continue to add updates as changes are made to the machines, and the company plans to expand the course offering to include other product lines.

The mobile-friendly Rapid LMS platform can be used in the field to answer questions or troubleshoot problems.

In addition, the Daily Operation Checklist module can be referenced to address any inspection concerns and eliminate equipment being shut down on the job.

The online training is not intended to replace hands-on training, but instead to supplement it to make sure the physical instruction is more productive.

In fact, the development of the online program relied heavily on Vacuworx certified trainers to structure the training as if it were being taught in person.

Vacuworx is also continually adding to its library of materials users can access when they have a question or problem in an effort to help minimise downtime and provide ongoing value.

For example, there are printable files such as daily checklists and a list of error codes, along with short videos showing how to replace pad seal and vacuum filters.

For more information visit the Vacuworx website. 

This article was featured in the May 2021 edition of The Australian Pipeliner. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.   

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