Vacuworx on NGI

Vacuworx on NGI project

An update provided by a Vacuworx spokesperson shows the the MC 5 lifter hard at work, unloading trucks in five laydown yards. 

The MC 5 vacuum lifting system is lightweight and designed for use with compact host vehicles. 

This lifting system is ideal for handling pipeline projects such as this, and have lift capacities ranging from 3-5 tonnes.

The MC 5 operates using a high-capacity diesel engine and uses wireless remote operation meaning there is no need for dangerous hooks, slings or chains.

The Northern Goldfields Interconnect Pipeline project was proposed by APA to the Western Australian Government back in 2020.

The 300 mm diameter buried gas pipeline will extend for approximately 580 km, starting from Ambania  to 40 km south of Leinster where it will connect into the existing Goldfields Gas Pipeline. 

The project will connect existing gas assets in the Mid West region with existing gas assets in the Northern Goldfields region.

Vacuworx was contracted to provide vacuum lifting services to ensure the safety and efficiency of the project while unloading incoming ships at Port Geraldton, followed by the unloading of trucks from the holding yard to the five different laydown yards along the right of way.

APA estimates that construction will be completed by the second quarter of 2022. 

For more information visit the Vacuworx website. 

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