Vacuworx lifts the safety standard

Vacuworx’s new MC3 is a fully self contained “˜mini’ pipe lifter that demonstrates the same quality that contractors have come to expect from Vacuworx in a new 3 tonne model.

The MC3 is perfectly suited for mini excavators, fork lifts, wheel loaders, knuckle boom trucks, and many more. It is also great for tackling everything from distribution pipeline work to plate steel used in road construction.

Vaculift pipe lifters are specially designed and optimised for handling line pipe including concrete, steel, plastic, and cast iron pipe across the full range of various coatings such as tape, fusion bonded epoxy, coal tar, concrete, or other materials.

Models in the Vaculift range feature a fully self contained tank-beam unit that can be hooked up in a matter of seconds and a 360 degree hydraulic rotator, which is powered by the machine’s bucket curl circuit.

Only the suction pads must be changed to switch to a different pipe diameter. The pipe lifters are equipped with a double set of lugs to suit any single or double suction pad arrangement and quick fittings for easy pad change.

The vaculift lifters are powered by a self-contained diesel engine with electric start, while the vacuum is established by a rotary vane pump with oil circulation. The vacuum is generally capable of providing a suction force of 98 kPa and a visual-audio alarm will alert the operator of low vacuum. Furthermore, the lifters are designed with a safety factor exceeding the ASME B30.20 standard.

The operator controls all of the lifting functions safely from the host machine, which is easily managed by a sophisticated wireless remote control. A wired-control is also available.

In addition, all Vaculift models will support the material for 15 minutes or more after the engine is shut off.

Contractors using a Vacuworx lifting system can expect an increase in their load and unload cycles by 7 to 12 times when compared to traditional pipe handling methods and are able to accomplish this with fewer personnel. Vacuworx also conveniently provides immediate equipment availability, an extensive parts inventory and service after the sale.

The company will shortly have lifters available for sale or hire in Australia, with 2009 also set to see the opening of a Vacuworx Australia satellite facility.

For more information contact the Vacuworx sales department on +1866 664 3450, email or visit

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