Turnkey coldworks solutions for effective pipeline maintenance

Based in Caloundra, Queensland, Ikon is a specialist supplier of process and mechanical engineering products that helps its customers protect their human and capital assets. With over 25 years’ mining experience coupled with over 10 years of oil and gas application experience, the company has the expertise to fulfill a wide range of application requirements.

“Plant, personnel and machine safety is the core of our business,” said Brendan Sheppard, Managing Director of Ikon Engineered Solutions. “Now having access to the NRI product line, combined with Wrap Resources range of coldworks solutions and experience in pipeline repair; it gives us a complete portfolio of safety solutions.”

“The key advantage in using our pipeline rehabilitation systems is that we are able to perform all works under a coldwork permit. Having rehabilitations works done under a hotwork permit in the Petrochemical industries allows projects to be completed more efficiently and more importantly, is in line with all workplace health and safety policies. Also, preventive maintenance utilising NRI Composites allows our clients to eliminate leaks altogether,” said Mr Sheppard.

Besides pipeline repair solutions, NRI also offers solutions for effective field joint protection wraps for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) works, allowing operators to bury, bore or drill in less than an hour; wraps for pipe support areas, and live leak repair kits that can effective seal leaks.

The effectiveness of NRI’s fast, cost-effective repair solution was demonstrated in Lima, Peru, when a 1,050 psi natural gas pipeline was gouged by an excavator. The repair, which could have taken weeks, was carried out in less than one hour using SynthoGlass XT, and the composite system fully restored the pipe’s hoop and axial strength to enable operation at full pressure.

For more information, please visit www.ikonengineeredsolutions.com.au

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