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Used and recommended by pipeline and civil contractors around the world, kwik-ZIP centraliser and spacer systems are solving production casing centralisation challenges throughout the pipeline industry.

Kwik-ZIP maintains a focus on price effectiveness, simplicity, and rapid on-site assembly, to ensure that our systems deliver significant cost, time and operational advantages to our customers.

The systems are now used extensively in production well completion, HDD drilling, rock bolt and anchor centralisation and trenchless pipeline installation. For industry pioneers like Pezzimenti Trenchless, kwik-ZIP has been part of its toolbox for more than 15 years.

“Kwik-ZIP spacers and centralisers are the most user friendly, practical and robust product on the market,” says director Joe Pezzimenti, who has been in the trenchless pipe installation game for over 30 years.

Pezzimenti recently used kwik-ZIP’s products on a 115 m bore under the Western Freeway in the western suburb of Ravenhall. The job required a bore diameter of 440 mm and the sewer carrier pipe had an OD of 324 mm. Kwik-ZIP’s HD 50 product was used spaced every 1 m.

kwik ZIP
Kwik-ZIP HDX-90’s installed on Steelmain’s DN800 MSCL for a Melbourne Project

“The team at kwik-ZIP offers excellent customer service with instant communication especially in regard to delivery and lead times. They’ve always kept up-to-date with stock inventory and have always been able to fill our orders,” says Pezzimenti.

Like the team at Pezzimenti Trenchless, there are many pipeline operators, HDD experts and civil contractors using the kwik-ZIP range to maximise efficiency, deliver better results, and keep costs down.

Here are five reasons to use kwik-ZIP’s centraliser and spacer systems on your pipeline projects:

  1. Corrosion protection

Metallic spacers are subject to rust corrosion and in some cases can damage the pipe. kwik-ZIP’s spacers and centralisers have no metallic parts, meaning they are impervious to corrosion issues that affect other products. Engineered from Kwik-ZIP’s engineered thermoplastic blend , kwik-ZIP spacers and centralisers are more resilient than their metallic counterparts. These systems also use integrated rubber grip pads under collars to prevent slippage and there is no requirement to pre-wrap pipe..

  1. Segmented Design

Kwik-ZIP’s spacers and centralisers have a segmented design , meaning they can be fit to an extensive range of pipe diameters with the addition of multiple segments. Available in various product series (including HDXT, HDX, HD, GT, 380, and 155), each series is also available with varying bow/runner heights, making these highly flexible products.

  1. Reduced insertion force

The low co-efficient and abrasion resistance of the spacers and centralisers allow for greater run lengths, and require lower insertion forces during installation. This means contractors can reduce the size of the machine required during installation, thereby saving money, energy and space onsite.  The curved profile is designed for easy and efficient pipe or casing insertion.

  1. Expertise

The kwik-ZIP team is always prepared to provide technical advice to help operators select the best model for their project. Selecting the most appropriate solution is largely based on the intended application. Once the right series has been selected, the kwik-ZIP team can help an operator work out which model within each series to use based on design information.

  1. Cost savings

Kwik-ZIP spacers and centralisers can assist to minimise project costs.  Designed for rapid onsite assembly, these products do not require any specialist skills or tools to install , thereby eliminating the need to utilise specialised contractors on site.

For more information visit the kwik-ZIP website.

This article featured in the March 2022 issue of The Australian Pipeliner. Click here to view the digital magazine.  


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