Trenchless technology success for BTB Australia

BTB has the skills and experience to offer clients trenchless technology as the preferred method of installation on a wide variety of pipeline installations.

The company has the ability and equipment to install pipelines in all terrains and ground conditions, including rock. BTB has had extensive experience, working on many projects installing pipelines and infrastructure on gas, sewer, rail infrastructure, petroleum, airport infrastructure, electrical, drainage, communication, water and recycled water projects. The company’s civil crews also assist and complete civil and excavation components of various projects when requested.

BTB has a range of directional drilling equipment, most recently adding a Robbins 200,000 pound drill to its fleet, giving BTB the capability to install large diameter pipelines.

BTB recently completed horizontal directional drill (HDD) crossings on the QSN 3 Project for Nacap, a 350 mm petroleum pipeline for Neumann in Brisbane, and gas pipeline installations in Mandurah, Perth. Other recent projects include the installation of pressure sewer systems in Melbourne, recycled water main projects in Victoria, as well as electrical and communications projects on a variety of construction and infrastructure projects.

These projects demonstrate BTB’s knowledge and skill in the HDD and civil construction industry. BTB is looking forward to a bright future and hopes to grow and evolve within the pipeline industry.

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