Trenchless services, social and environment sessions at No-Dig Down Under

Trenchless services, social and environment will be a focus at this year’s No-Dig Down Under event, set to take place on September 13-14 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

This will be one of three crucial themes guiding the conference program, with many presentations covering important facets of the topic.

Learn more about a few sessions covering trenchless services, social and environment across the conference below.

Ultra-low carbon jacking pipes

On Wednesday, September 13 from 3:00pm to 3:30pm, there will be an engaging discussion on how a 1600 ID microtunnel was built using ultra low carbon jacking pipes.

The project was part of upgrading works of a wastewater treatment plant in France, which aims to increase its treatment capacity.

The session will cover how the microtunel was completed in one drive, allowing the discharge of treated water to the Seine by connecting to the Garges-Epinay sewer main.

The science of pipe cleaning

On Wednesday from 4:30pm to 5:00pm, Keg Technologies international product specialist Ken Billingham will lead a session on the science of pipe cleaning.

Specifically, the presentation will discuss the relationship between flow and pressure and how the design of nozzles affects cleaning.

It will also look at different methods used to clean pipes, including discussion on various unconventional methods.

How did Sydney Water (SW) do that?

On Thursday, September 14 from 9:10am to 9:40am, there will be an engaging session on a project from Sydney Water.

The session will cover how the company inspected a pipe wall in 3695m of in-service rising sewer main pipe in five days.

It will cover how this was done using multi-sensor focused electrode leak location (FELL) inspection tools.

Harnessing innovation for safety excellence

On Thursday morning from 9:40am to 10:10am, there will be a session from Urban Utilities project manager Andrew Nicholson about a condition assessment project in Brisbane.

The session will look at how a condition assessment was done on the existing trunk sewer rising main located between Eagle Farm and Luggage Point Sewerage Treatment Plant in Brisbane.

Specifically, an alternative approach was sought with the solution being the PipeDiver system.

Soil loads for liner design

On Thursday morning from 11:45am, Independent Civil Solutions principal John Bower will lead an engaging discussion on soil loads for liner design.

The presentation will explain the logic behind the specification for the design of circular liners for non-pressure applications, and how soil loads can be calculated.

It will also outline how this issue is considered in overseas publications relevant to liner design and where further knowledge can be obtained.

The No-Dig Down Under Conference and Exhibition serves as a paramount platform for trenchless professionals, offering an array of invaluable insights, cutting-edge technologies, and industry advancements specifically tailored to the trenchless industry.

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