Tremco Pipeline Equipment’s DIY pigging and instant emissions reduction technologies

Zero emissions vacuum and compression

Fast-approaching its 30th year in business, family-owned and operated Tremco Pipeline Equipment is Australia’s longest continually operating pipeline equipment supplier, known for its enthusiasm and passion for providing the oil, gas, water, mining and petrochemical industries with quality products and back-up service.

Since the company’s humble beginnings in a home office solely supplying anti-corrosion tape coatings, Tremco Pipeline Equipment has steadily grown its range to supply a variety of the highest quality pipeline products and equipment for new construction, emergency response, maintenance, upgrades and repairs to existing infrastructure.

Its range includes well-known and respected global brands, such as Plidco emergency leak-repair fittings, Girard Industries pigs, Petroline PetroSleeve, Sawyer ManufacturingSPY Pipeline inspection co and Weldfit hot-tap and line-stop fittings.

Tremco Pipeline Equipment continues to look for new technology, quality products and effective solutions to support operators’ specific needs and drive an efficient, safe and reliable pipeline industry.

Now, to meet market demands the company has added two new solutions to its portfolio. These include:

  • EnviroCal’s run-on-your-own caliper and MFL inspection tools that provide an innovative, cost- effective and technician-free solution to pipeline inspection; and
  • TPE Midstream’s ZEVAC (Zero Emissions Vacuum and Compression) technology, which instantly reduces emissions from venting activities.

EnviroCal’s cost-effective DIY inspection solutions

EnviroCal delivers straightforward solutions to complex problems leveraging the latest technologies to provide the best in-line inspection in the industry.

The company launched over a decade ago, manufacturing simple, easy-to-use caliper inspection tools that don’t require a dedicated technician for onsite use.

Its caliper tools have been used by some of the largest pipeline operators in the world, including Williams, Enterprise Products, ExxonMobil, Centurion Pipeline and more.

What’s more, the easy-to- use system has proven extremely cost-effective for executing projects in remote locations such as outback Australia, Papua New Guinea and offshore Nigeria.

Now, the company is set to revolutionise the pipeline pigging industry again by designing a technician-free MFL inspection tool.

With a targeted release date of 2022, EnviroCal is applying all it has learned to provide another high- value service to its customers – using the same discipline, resilience, passion and commitment to simplifying the inspection market.

EnviroCal’s tools are able to be used without a technician because of the company’s commitment to conservative design principles and the latest technology. The equipment, along with all accessories necessary to operate the tool in the field, are shipped to the client through a commercial shipper.

The ability to inspect a pipeline without a dedicated technician translates directly into costs savings for EnviroCal’s clients. EnviroCal has estimated that its caliper system results in an average cost saving more than 30 per cent compared to running a pig with a technician. And in the case of project delays, the cost is a fraction of the normal stand-by rates.

When EnviroCal first introduced its run-on-your-own caliper system, some in the pipeline industry were skeptical about a product that didn’t come with onsite expertise. There was no precedent in the industry.

But EnviroCal recognised that it needed to match the level of service of an onsite technician – and has doubled-down on its commitment to excellent customer service. Solving problems as they arise, reassuring customers of its commitment to quality, and continuously improving systems and processes has been key to the DIY system’s success.

Throughout its journey, EnviroCal has aimed to create a service of highest value to its customers – a straightforward, simple system that can be used efficiently and effectively – a vision that aligns with Tremco Pipeline Equipment.

EnviroCal’s run-on-your-own caliper and MFL inspection tool
EnviroCal’s run-on-your-own caliper and MFL inspection tools provide an innovative solution to pipeline inspection

Instantly reduce your emissions and reduce waste with ZEVAC

Natural gas is an essential component of the world’s energy mix. According to the APGA, Australia has enough gas supply for more than 50 years based on current production rates.

However, oil and gas industries are under extreme scrutiny from environmental activists, investors and others who are concerned about the methane emissions that are produced from oil and gas operations. Much of this scrutiny focuses on routine tasks such as venting. Figure 1 identifies the various activities that contribute to venting.

Graph showing emissions

TPE Midstream envisions a future without venting, where every operator is equipped to do their job without releasing gas.

Using its Zero Emissions Vacuum and Compression (ZEVAC®) technology, TPE Midstream has made a future with zero emissions from the venting activities listed on the chart possible.

The ZEVAC is a patented revolutionary technology that provides an emission-less alternative to venting and flaring.

The solution captures natural gas during maintenance or inspection operations so it can be recycled for use, and methane releases are subsequently significantly reduced or eliminated.

The ZEVAC uses compressed air and moves gas into an adjacent pipeline or appropriate storage container. It allows the intake to depressurise and discharge back into the pipe system with 100 per cent of the gas staying inside the pipe.

This also allows for less waste as the product always stays in the system, and eliminates emissions, noise warnings, hazards and the permits generally associated with venting and flaring.

The ZEVAC has a simple design that ensures air and gas never mix. There are no electronics or engines powering the ZEVAC thus no chance for a spark.

Everything from pipeline pigging, in-line inspection runs, distribution main replacement, hot-tapping and line-stopping activities can all now be completed without releasing emissions. The technology can also handle wet gas and natural gas liquids for midstream pigging applications.

The ZEVAC system makes work crews safer, more environmentally responsible, and better neighbours. Using ZEVAC, natural gas operators can now meet or exceed the timelines set on their emission reduction goals.

Many American utilities have embraced the technology.

“Our field crews have embraced ZEVAC® for the ease of operation,” says New York utility Consolidated Edison’s Manager of Research, Development & Demonstration Rick Trieste.

“ZEVAC is a must-have for the natural gas industry to reduce methane emissions associated with main replacement and ensure a sustainable future.”

With the use of ZEVAC operators now have the power to stop routine voluntary emissions.

The ZEVAC is a patented revolutionary technology that provides an emissionless alternative to venting and flaring.

Innovative products backed by extensive experience

Tremco Pipeline Equipment’s sales and service staff have more than 100 years of combined extensive product knowledge and training as well as in-field pipeline experience. This, coupled with its broad range of stock, means it is well-equipped to assist with any enquiry.

In addition to Australia, the company also services Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

For more information visit the Tremco Pipeline Equipment website.

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