The solution for measuring fugitive methane emissions

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As natural gas distribution system operators around the world detect methane emissions to eliminate hazardous leaks, the Picarro Advanced Mobile Leak Detection (AMLD) is one of the only technologies that has the bandwidth to measure the entirety of a distribution network.

While many technologies can identify leaking infrastructure, few are suitable for large-scale applications or can efficiently detect hazardous gas leaks.

This is due to not having a low enough minimum detection limit (MDL) to see most leaks throughout a distribution network.

A vehicle based AMLD has a low MDL, is scalable to an entire network and is cost effective.

One such example is the Picarro AMLD, which is used by over 30 customers across the world to perform focused leak surveys.

Specifically, the Picarro Advanced Leak Detection fourth  generation (ALD 4.0) algorithm has a more than 90 per cent leak find rate, less than 10 per cent false positives and over 90 per cent field of view.

Along with accurately measuring leaks, Picarro’s AMLD covers the entirety of a network.

The system’s accuracy in flow rate estimate has been established through rigorous studies with operators for over eight years, with the technology being leveraged in many workflows worldwide.

Other key features include, speed of survey and scalability of the solution, sensitivity, rate of industry adoption, largest data lake in the world and the P-Cubed® analytics platform.

Leak identification and measurement must be robust in order to mitigate and reduce emissions.

Picarro’s AMLD technology is the key solution that can inform utility operators as to what assets are leaking, how much they are leaking before allowing them to clearly report on changes in the network performance over time.

To learn more about Picarro’s AMLD, visit here.

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