The Slurry Pipelines Summit

The event will be held from 13-14 November 2013 at the Duxton Hotel in Perth.

The conference program is will also focus on some of the key issues such as:

  • Successful design of launders;
  • Laminar channel flows;
  • Pipeline design optimisation;
  • Pipeline development in China;
  • Pump selection;
  • Mineral slurry rheology optimisation; and,
  • Corrosion testing.

Case studies will be performed on both Australian and international projects, such as the Century to Karumba Underground Slurry Pipeline in Queensland, the Extension Hill Magnetite Project in Western Australia, Nerang Sands Bypass system in Queensland, Chinese coal pipelines and OK Tedi in Papua New Guinea.

A vast array of industry experts and practitioners will also be giving their view and updates on all things related to slurry pipelines, including:

  • Tim Akroyd, MMG Century;
  • Chris Austin, Nacap;
  • Matt Duxbury, Asia Iron Australia Extension Hill Magnetite Project;
  • Allan Thomas, Slurry Systems;
  • George Shou, Brass Engineering;
  • Dr Craig Walker, Weir Minerals Australia; and,
  • Dr Jie Wu, CSIRO.

There will also be a special site visit of the Australian Minerals Resource Centre (CSIRO). The site is a major minerals processing research site and pilot plant facility. The visit will be hosted by the CSIRO.

On 12 November there will be a special full-day masterclass from Paul Slatter, at ATC Williams, who will give a technical look into slurry pipelines and open channel flows.

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