The essence of customer satisfaction

Austrack Equipment’s key focus, alongside the quality of its machinery, is making sure its customers will come back for more.

The Austrack Equipment yard can only be described as a hive of activity. With the main yard close to where the Brisbane River meets the Pacific Ocean, the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal is only walking distance away.

But at the 12,000 square metre facility, cruising is the last thing on anyone’s mind with heavy equipment is arriving and departing the yard at all hours of the day and night.

The number one customer receiving its equipment are Australia’s premier pipeline contracting companies.

Massey Ferguson 7724 tractor dragging heavy pipes up steep inclines on a water pipeline in Kuri Kurri, NSW. Image supplied by Austrack.

It is from here that Austrack services its customers with specialised equipment that keeps Australia’s premier pipeline contractors productive.

The array of machinery on show is impressive and includes excavators up to 90 tonnes. But it doesn’t stop there with graders, loaders, dozers, telehandlers, tractors, backhoes, dumpers, Moxy’s, padders, crawler carriers, and vacuum pipe lifts also available.

There is also an array of attachments capable of performing almost any work task that anyone installing a pipeline has ever even considered.

Austrack Plant Manager Matt Jones is in charge of looking after all operations as well as working out the complicated logistics of getting equipment to and from the facility.

“It can look a little chaotic here at times, but we like to think the chaos is organised and controlled,” Jones said.

“Our absolute priority is to ensure that our customers get the very best service possible.”

Part of the reason behind Austrack’s ability to make and keep delivery promises is the strategic partnerships the company has forged across its supply chain.

This ensures delivery promises are met and means that the equipment provided is in top class condition.

“It also means that we assist our customers with informed advice on the equipment they require to get their job done,” Jones said.

“It means getting machines to where they are needed, on time and ready to work, and it means when machines break down as they sometimes will that Austrack organises having them attended to and put back in service as soon as possible.”

Jones’ heightened understanding of customers’ needs in pipelining doesn’t just come from what he has learned at Austrack. But from his unique set of qualifications and skills.

JCB Telehandlers reaching skywards. Image supplied by Austrack.

Before Austrack, he spent more than 30 years on the front-end of pipelining.

“I spent a good deal of my work life in pipelining before I joined Austrack,” he said. “I started off in Queensland on the Cheapie to Gilmore section of the gas pipeline which eventually finished in Barcaldine.”

For the past 20-odd years Jones has been at the pointy end of water and gas pipelines in most of the mainland states.

“I have worked and ran crews at Moomba in South Australia and the Surat and Cooper Basins in Queensland, worked on the Sydney to Longford, Victoria gas pipeline and onto major Victorian water pipelines like the Sugarloaf,” he said.

His passion? Concentrating on the now with one eye always on the future.

“I know what it is to be a customer and that knowledge gives me a clear vision to deliver the considered advice and the quality service that pipeline contractors need,” Jones said.

Austrack is big on planning and reacting at speed and problem solving, positioning itself as a ‘can do’ supplier.

“What we are not big on is excuses. The words ‘can’t’, ‘won’t’ and ‘maybe’ are not much in use around here,” he said.

Jones has seen Austrack grow exponentially in his time with them.

The company has outgrown two yards already and the two-person-start-up operation has matured into a highly efficient equipment hire operation that can service its customers in any corner of this big country.

“Dealing with Austrack is not just about hiring machinery,” Jones said.

Austrack’s machinery comes backed by an expert team to support customers in every step with responsive intelligent and informed advice to tackle any challenge.

The company supplies only name brand reliable equipment, ensuring its well-maintained equipment meets the highest safety standards.

“We also pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve with machinery technology. Whether it’s happening here in Australia or overseas, and the boss Mick Benson makes sure we keep our finger on the pulse,” he said.

The recent introduction of the SafeVac Lifting Systems Vacuum pipe lifter has added an extra string to Austrack’s bow and completed the range of equipment it can supply to pipeline contractors.

“The successful introduction of our SafeVac system which sports the Australian made logo is a great sense of pride to us here at Austrack,” Jones said.

“We have supplied SafeVac systems for two significant water pipelines in Queensland currently under construction one being the Fitzroy River to Gladstone, the other the Haughton pipeline Stage 2 servicing Townsville.”

Jones said Austrack has already custom-built sand hoppers in service on the Haughton pipeline project, leading to the clinet wanting a second one.

“A client will come to us and tell us what they want, and if we don’t have it we go out and source it,” Jones said.

“And if it requires to be adapted or retrofitted or customised, well that’s just part of the service.”

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This article featured in the March edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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