The 007 of padding machines

Worldwide Machinery’s extensive inventory of equipment would not be complete without the aptly named Superior SP-350 padding machine.

This machine is the Rolls-Royce of the padding machinery, and there’s a million reasons why.

According to Worldwide Executive Vice President Padding Operations Mike Layh, the newest 350 heavy duty (HD) padding machine was built with the contractor in mind.

It is Superior’s most popular padding machine, and it is no wonder that Worldwide Machinery can count it in its fleet.

The machine has quickly become the padder of choice in the pipeline and renewable energy industries.

Choosing Worldwide is choosing a company that will stay by the users’ side all throughout the process. Image supplied by Worldwide.

“This machine is operated from a comfortable chair with all the operating controls within hands reach,” Layh said.

“Four cameras bring into view key areas allowing the operator to monitor all functions while operating this machine.”

What’s more, the cab now lowers down for easy  transportation without having to disassemble the machine with a maximum height of 12 foot.

Worldwide is a global leader in machinery with a proven track record of supplying quality, heavy earthmoving, and pipeline equipment across the globe, offering new and used equipment for sale, lease, and long-term rental.

Having been constantly improved upon to quickly become the padder of choice in the padding industry, the Superior SP-350 ticks every box.

Safety first

The machine’s roll-overprotective structure (ROPS) ensures for a safe use of the Superior


The machine is equipped with a 10-foot by 6-foot screen allowing for 60 square feet of screening area with an enhanced vibration system.

Versatility and efficiency

“Worldwide has the best operators in the industry with many that have been operating padding machines for more than 10 years,” Layh said.

“Our service team preparing the machines before they are shipped is one of the reasons we are the premier padding operation in the US,” he said.

The machine has been designed to quickly become the padder of choice in the padding industry. Image supplied by Worldwide.

Worldwide doesn’t just retail and lease machinery, it also accompanies the user all throughout the padding process, making it a one-of-a-kind customer-centred service.

Lastly, Worldwide takes pride in providing exceptional protection of the pipe or cable by meeting all necessary job requirements and specifications.

Worldwide also counts in its fleet smaller padders, the SP-150 and SP-160, which are both remote-controlled. In addition, the SP-250 is part of the smaller padders fleets whichis a smaller version of the SP-350.

Worldwide offers machine rentals with and without trained operators, if the client chooses, along with the logistical support and on-site services.

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This article featured in the March edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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