Swift Metal Australia acquires Binder Group

This acquisition marks a significant milestone in the manufacturing industry's revitalisation. Image: Worawut/stock.adobe.com

Swift Metal Australia has recently acquired Binder Group, marking a significant milestone in the manufacturing industry’s revitalisation.

Effective February 1, 2024, this strategic move not only positions Swift Metal Australia as a major player in pipeline components but heralds the return of Binder Group’s manufacturing to Australian shores.

“This acquisition reaffirms our focus to being a specialist business partner for heavy industry and infrastructure projects and our ongoing commitment to Australian manufacturing,” Swift Metal chief executive officer Dan Lindsay said.

Aligning the strengths of Swift Metal Australia and Anchorage Pipe Supports in manufacturing and distribution to the water, waste, and energy infrastructure, with Binder’s expertise in the mining and petrochemical industries, Swift Metal Australia is set to emerge as a multidiscipline force in delivering quality pipe support systems across the Asia-Pacific region.

The acquisition brings compelling benefits, notably the resurgence of Binder Group to Australian ownership and manufacturing.

In a context of global supply chain disruptions caused by geopolitical uncertainties, this pivotal decision reduces lead time, allows flexibility for custom manufacturing, and ensures prompt delivery of support to vital infrastructure.

Anchorage Pipe Supports, Binder Group and Component Services will operate under the Swift Metal Australia banner.

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