STATS valve changeout supports Malaysian oil field

STATS Group provided isolation and reinstatement leak-testing of a 12-inch shutdown valve on the Larut A platform in offshore Malaysia.

Contracted on behalf of E&P O&M (EPOMS), STATS supplied a Remote Tecno Plug to provide a fully monitored, leak-tight dual seal isolation of the pressurised oil export pipeline.

This provided safe worksite conditions to allow the shutdown valve to be removed and replaced.

Once onsite, the Remote Tecno Plug was pigged with water and tracked 15 metres around a 5D bend and passed the shutdown valve.

Pigging halted after the Tecno Plug reached the isolation location, allowing the plug to engage the locks and dual seals against the pipe wall.

Each seal was tested independently to prove the double block isolation was leak-tight, which led to an isolation certificate issued to the client.

Once completed, a reinstatement leak-test of the new shutdown valve was then conducted against the Tecno Plug, while the isolation remained undisturbed.

Upon completion of the reinstatement leak-test, the pipeline pressure was equalised allowing the Remote Tecno Plugs to be hydraulically unset and pigged back to the launcher.

“The isolation scope was completed as planned and incident-free which is testament to the teamwork and good communication between all parties,” STATS Group regional manager for Asia Pacific Gareth Campbell said.

“The use of the Remote Tecno Plug enabled the valve replacement to be completed efficiently, significantly reducing the platform shutdown compared to conventional methods.”

To learn more, visit the STATS Group website.

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