Star Scientific appoints principal engineer

Dr Ashkan Vatani, Star Scientific principal engineer.

Vatani’s appointment follows the reorganisation of Star Scientific’s key staff, which saw Jim Murray promoted to Head of Mass Production; Steve Heaton to Global Head of Research; Sam Kirk to principal Investigator; Shayne De Courcy to Global head of Infrastructure; and Matt Hingerty to Deputy Chairman, Deputy Chief Executive and Head of Business Development.

The reorganisation will facilitate the move to commercialisation of services based around its breakthrough technology, the hydrogen energy release optimiser (HERO) catalyst.

The HERO produces unlimited affordable, safe and reliable heat without any emissions.

Under his new role, Dr Vatani will lead the concept design, simulation works and all facets of project engineering.

A key part of his responsibilities will be helping with regulators and Standards Australia on the regulatory framework for the use of hydrogen.

“I’m delighted to be joining Star Scientific at such an important point in the company’s evolution, and as the energy transition gathers significant pace,” Dr Vatani said.

“Star Scientific is a unique, innovative hydrogen company at the forefront of its sector, and well positioned to revolutionise the way we use hydrogen.”

For more information visit the Star Scientific website.

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