Star in the shutdown containers constellation


Piping Specialty Supply Service (PSSS) is aptly named, as evidenced by the company’s extensive range of shutdown containers.

What makes a great shutdown container? According to PSSS, it’s all about versatility and selection.

PSSS is truly every specialist’s one-stop-shop for their next shutdown, with years of experience supplying shutdown and maintenance equipment to the oil and gas, energy and chemical sectors.

The company has propelled itself as an industry leader and knows what is needed to get the job done.

The containers can house any tool in the flange management and bolting sector.

PSSS is known for its ability to supply customer-focused and flexible solutions. These shutdown containers are the perfect example packed with… well… everything and more.

For example, the containers can house any tool for flange management and bolting, such as torque wrenches, tensioners, flange facers, spreaders, aligners, and nut splitters.

But that’s not all. The containers can also contain pipe-cutting and bevelling machinery such as clamshells, oxy/ascet machines and end prep such as line up and reforming clamps for welding.

Hiring PSSS’ shutdown containers also enables industry professionals to have their hot tapping machines, hot bolting clamps, repair clamps, weld neck testers, and line up and reforming clamps at their fingertips.

They offer deep and secure shelving options and a work bench with vice, as well as wall-mounted documentation storage. All equipment comes certified and calibrated with document packs ready for QA.

The containers can also contain pipe-cutting and bevelling machinery.

PSSS can further add value to the project with a complete range of poisoned pipeline execution (PPE), blast and coating machinery, tooling and consumables.

PSSS’ containers really are like a portable workshop, with optional lighting allowing users to work and store at the same time and place.

This article featured in the September edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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