Sentanil CMS supports pipeline construction


Construction Management Systems (CMS) has now been in operation in Australia for 26 years and has been successfully used in the construction phase for most gas transmission pipelines, which require strict adherence to AS 2885, and in associated facility construction.

CMS is used primarily in the pipe transport, receipt and inspection, pipe stringing, welding, field joint coating, pipe body repair, lowering-in and as-built survey phases of the project.

Some of the recent enhances to CMS include:

  • Environment GPS data capture component to allow collection of fauna, erosion control and inspection activities in the field. Includes tracking of inspection actions to ensure adherence to compliance requirements.
  • Daily Field Joint Coating Inspection data capture form for coating consumables, environmental and surface temperatures, profiles, thickness readings, adhesion testing etc. This accelerates the field data collection process by limiting data collection to the time of the actual readings, and therefore not required for each individual weld.
  • Enhancement of MDR component to enable CMS to be used for generation of key components of the MDR.
  • Enhancement of the ability to manage CMS off-site due to the further development of the Remote Management module. Field Data Collection devices can be synchronised remotely via email to and from the site office to an off-site location where CMS can be managed. Appropriate daily reporting and communication with the Site QA Manager allows this feature to be successfully deployed.

For more information visit the Mipela website. 

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