Senate rejects Greens’ anti-fracking bill

The proposed bill would have given the right to landholders to say no to coal seam gas (CSG) operations on their land. Introduced by Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, the bill aimed to create national laws to govern the use of CSG resources, despite them falling under state government jurisdiction. The Committee warned that: “By providing an absolute right for landholders to veto land access, the bill could introduce what is essentially akin to a private ownership scheme for certain resources. Large amounts of compensation that private landholders may secure as a result of this would reduce the wider public benefit that arises from state ownership of the resources.” The bill’s rejection has been welcomed by the gas industry, including the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA). “Given the challenges of accessing gas supply it’s only reasonable for State Governments to accept the science and allow onshore gas developments,” said APGA Chief Executive Cheryl Cartwright. “The gas industry and the gas transmission industry welcomes any efforts to ensure Australian businesses that rely on gas are able to access Australian gas. “It’s been proven that landholders can benefit from diversifying and working with gas companies for the benefit of all.”

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