Schoenbeck expands product range for the Australian market


Two new models entered the Australia market during 2014 and were promptly certified according to Australian standards.

One of Shoenbeck’s new products, the ELiTE “˜ECO’ 12TD (SWL 12,000 kg) is being showcased at this year’s APIA Conference and will clearly demonstrate its commercial and technical benefits.

ELiTE 8T LiTE (power pack)

The second newcomer is the ELiTE LiTE 8T main lifting body (SWL 8,000 kg) with a net weight of only 485 kg.

The standard separated power pack is driven via a two-cylinder water-cooled Kubota diesel engine.

Also to be showcased at the APIA Conference is the new and advanced power pack system.

The advanced power pack is considerably smaller, extremely light and driven via the on-board hydraulic power system of the excavator itself.

Australian distribution network

Schoenbeck continues to seek additional suitable partners to strengthen its network of distributors serving the Australian continent.

If you feel this business opportunity could be for you, please speak to them during the conference.

Schoenbeck’s first network distributor, International Pipeline Services (IPS), operating from Victoria, became a distributor in mid-2013 and immediately recognised the advantage of providing spare parts and accessories to these many customers.

This was later enhanced with new lifters being imported, showcased and sold.

IPS has carried out a great job, and is now looking forward to new business with optional newer models in the very near future.

With specialised designs and new accessories, Schoenbeck now steers towards large carriers such as reach stackers and fork lifters.

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