Savcor introduces Metrotech’s HL 5â„¢ wireless water leak detection instrument

Dave Brunell, Operations Manager at Framingham Massachusetts Water Department in the USA says “Our department used the HL 5 unit and it is just an awesome leak tool. I am impressed with the unit’s wireless water leak sound transmission sensitivity and ease-of-use. The speed and ease-of-use saved us time in finding water leaks immediately. It’s the first tool I grab when I start hunting for a leak problem.”

The HL 5 unit contains a sensitive piezo-ceramic sensor enabling excellent quality analysis even on plastic piping. An automatic sound level control increases the usefulness without added operator intervention. With the built-in light feature, users can easily distinguish leaks even in dark corners, and is a practical companion for low-light work.

About Metrotech Corporation
Metrotech Corporation is a leading provider of high-quality utility locating instrument solutions for all underground utilities. These quality instruments help improve efficiency, and increase productivity with the user-friendly controls. The result is less time locating and more money saved. Metrotech’s pipe and cable locators are used by every utility, such as: gas and petroleum pipeline companies, military facilities, industrial maintenance departments, railroad companies, electric power, and telecommunication firms. Additionally, Metrotech offers water leak detection solutions for surveying and locating pressurised water leaks in freshwater systems for the municipal water utilities, plumbing contractors, and golf courses and specialised leak detection instruments for sanitary districts.
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