Safe practices in pipe lifting and joint bolting

As plants age, corrosion and general wear and tear begin to effect the integrity of pipes and supports.

This then requires careful management and careful pipe movement to rectify the issues identified without creating further safety hazards.

Hand crush injuries are a hot topic and high on the list of causes of Lost Time Injuries, in the current Australian industrial scene.

Lowering these figures has been a focus for Safety Managers for many years.

For years the industry has invested in cranes, chain blocks and flogging spanners for lifting and separating pipes and flanges.

Australia now has access to some of the safest equipment on the market.

There are now new tools available that will make these tasks easier and safer.

Lifting pipes, replacing valves and bolting flanges all have an unenviable record for causing hand crush injuries.

The two products below significantly improve the safety of carrying out these routine tasks.

Pipe Rack Jack

The Pipe Rack Jack is load rated to 2.5 t and tested to AS4991 for safe, efficient lifting of pipes for inspection and repair.

This unit can be safely operated by two personnel.

The Pipe Rack Jack unit saves time and money by avoiding crane and scaffold costs and minimises the risk of hand injuries and pinch points.

Lokrite Safety Back-up Wrench

The Lokrite Safety Back-up Wrench is the outstanding new product of 2014.

These are the new standard for bolting applications.

This unit eliminates pinch points and provides “˜hands free’ back up in bolting applications.

There is no need to use a hammer to free the typically jammed flogging spanner after a torque application.

The Back-up Wrenches can be freed using a small adjustable wrench.

Lokrite now comes in a range of metric and imperial sizes up to 6 1/8″ or can be made to order for special sizes.

PRJ Australia is a privately owned Australian business, established in 2012, focused on bringing new technology pipe lifting and supporting solutions to the Australian market.

For more information visit or call (03) 9759 5237.

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