ROSEN: empowered by technology

ROSEN’s latest developments include its “˜integrated approach’, capable of fulfilling the requirements to determine pipe properties and maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) validation comprehensively and holistically.

This turn-key deliverable comprises three complementary activities:

  • Review and align existing pipeline information;
  • Use existing pipeline data; and,
  • Determine pipe grade using the RoMAT PGS service with a novel in-line inspection (ILI) technology.


ROSEN has also developed the world’s first ILI service capable of continuously identifying and differentiating the pipe steel grade.

In comparison to other statistics analysed by “˜in the ditch’ methods, ROSEN’s new service delivers a high resolution strength profile of the entire examined pipeline section.

ROSEN’s innovative attitude does not stop with the development of new technology applications.

The company’s integrity solutions provide specialised engineering, integrity assessment and data management services that support operational decision-making.

In focus

ROSEN’s focus areas are:

  • Integrity Management Systems: large-scale integrity program implementations including operating guidelines, supporting software programs and network-wide risk-based maintenance approaches; and,
  • Integrity Management Services: detailed engineering assessments, corrosion control, risk and reliability services as well as specialised consultancy services.

APGA Convention

At this year’s APGA Convention and Exhibition, ROSEN will feature the Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) technology.

This highly advanced technology can be utilised on assets where features such as hydrogen induced cracking, fatigue cracks, stress corrosion cracking and/or coating disbondment are present.

The exhibition will include presentations on the principle of EMAT, capabilities of the ROSEN EMAT tools and an actual EMAT ILI tool for you to appreciate and discuss with our experts.

Having been a very active member of APGA and pipeline industry since 1997, ROSEN is proud to have maintained a fully operational ILI and integrity solutions facility for all of that time, as well as remaining the only service provider to do so.

Looking forward, ROSEN’s objective to be the world’s leading provider of in-line inspection solutions that assist operators in maintaining and operating assets efficiently and safely.

ROSEN helps pipeline operators to assess the integrity and remaining life of valuable assets and to plan effective inspection and maintenance strategies.

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