Replace or renew? Pipe and stormwater culvert maintenance

This is a fundamental question facing utilities and asset owners as aging infrastructure starts to show signs of stress and increased demand.

It goes without saying that pipes, culverts, tunnels and sub-surfaces conduits are all prone to damage and degradation.

Cost-effective planned maintenance is paramount if these critical assets and services are to remain intact and serviceable in the years to come.


Tunneline is an innovative reinforced concrete lining technology developed in the United Kingdom and used extensively to upgrade and maintain crossings under roads, railways and waterways, as well as for drainage remediation for the past 30 years.

Tunneline is a one pass operation and requires little or no pre-works to stabilise the existing host condition.

It is able to line most existing profiles (circular, box, ovoid etc.) and will also accommodate vertical and horizontal bends as well as size and shape transitions within the existing host structures.

It can be used to line all known culvert materials in a size range from 1,200 to 9,000 mm.

Tunneline can also be designed as a stand-alone structure or as a composite form, where a factor of the existing host tunnel is taken into consideration in the final design.

Tunneline was designed in accordance with AS5100.2 and has been used extensively under road, rail and other types of load bearing infrastructure.

CIPP Berolina

ITS PipeTech has a strong partnership with German manufacturer BKP for the supply and installation of its full-length ultra-violet (UV) cured, Berolina glass fibre liner.

The Berolina liner is tailor-made for each pipeline rehabilitation application, with regard to length, diameter and wall thickness.

The Berolina liner system utilises corrosion-resistant glass fibre materials together with a matrix of UV light initiated polyester or vinylester resins to provide optimum reinforcement.

This creates a high-performing liner that is able to meet high design loads and withstand aggressive liquids or fluids making it ideal for culverts, sewer and stormwater.

Other technologies available from ITS PipeTech include:

  • Pressureline tight fit relining;
  • PipeBursting and relining;
  • Sliplining;
  • Robotic repair;
  • Pointing local relining and repair; and,
  • CCTV inspection.

ITS PipeTech

ITS PipeTech has offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, specialise in non-invasive pipe renewal and culvert renovation throughout Australia and offer best practice technologies to address both small and large diameter sewer, water and culvert issues.

ITS PipeTech are pleased to offer open forum presentations on their suite of world’s best practice pipe and network remediation solutions to utilities, local government, asset managers and design consultants who are tasked with managing and maintaining pipe and culvert assets.

For more information on ITS PipeTech’s products and services visit

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