Rapid rise of Queensland coal seam gas set to continue

The rapid rise of coal seam gas (CSG) developments in Queensland has been the driver for a number of pipeline projects and that appears set to continue for a number of years. The raft of proposed LNG plants and the required associated infrastructure has also created additional excitement on the gas landscape.

The high interest in CSG was demonstrated with over 230 attendees packing in to hear Ian Davies, Chief Financial Officer for QGC, speak. Mr Davies delivered an address prepared for QGC Managing Director Richard Cottee as Mr Cottee, who was scheduled to speak, was called away on urgent business and was unable to attend.

Mr Davies covered areas such as how CSG has changed the Queensland resources landscape, the continued growth of the sector, future plans and the Queensland Curtis LNG Project. Following his presentation, Mr Davies also answered a number of questions from attendees on a variety of topics.

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