Queensland spirit: the rapid rise of BHD

The company did not have the most auspicious of starts: in its first two years, the Roma, Queensland-based supplier of transport and logistics, was hit with two record-breaking floods.

The circumstances were hardly conducive to the growth of a new business.

As co-founder Haley Heilbronn explains, “Everybody knows that when the rain falls, the wheels don’t turn.”

Against the odds, Haley and her co-founder, husband Daniel, succeeded in turning things around.

From BHD Oilfield Services, the original operation formed in 2009, the company has expanded to BHD Group Services, which incorporates BHD Transport and Logistics and BHD Environmental.

Named after Haley, Daniel and their son, Beau – “we thought we would name it after the three most important people in each other’s lives,” says Haley – BHD provides field-based oil and gas and pipeline solutions in the Surat Basin area.

To its base in Roma, where Haley and Daniel have lived since childhood, the company has recently added a new Brisbane head office, which came online in December.

BHD is led by Haley as Business Manager/Director and Daniel as CEO/Director.

Both have a long association with the oil and gas sector, with Daniel’s CV featuring stints at Halliburton Australia, THOR Energy and Santos.

In their early days, Haley and Daniel were grateful for the support of their original employees “people who stuck by us and supported us any which way they could” many of whom have remained at BHD.

As Haley says, “They became our family, and we have always stayed true to ensuring that every new team member is invited into the BHD family with open arms.”

The company’s positive reception in Roma was also a vital building block, and Haley and Daniel acknowledge that the support and encouragement of other local businesses has played a key part in their success.

Today, Haley and Daniel are joined by an experienced leadership team, one which benefits from the international background of General Manager Brad Swain, who has worked in the sector in Africa, Thailand and New Zealand, and the 30 years’ worth of industry knowledge boasted by Operations Manager Gary Maddox.

The company’s management staff are similarly well-qualified, with a diversity of experience ranging from drilling and pipelines to transport.

While transport is a key aspect of BHD’s business, Haley advises that BHD “is not just a transport company; we are leading innovators in industry problem solving. BHD is a sought after company, known for its high level of experienced personnel and our intensive desire to provide solutions. We think much, much bigger.”

Thinking big has seen BHD become involved with a number of major projects in recent years, including the Santos GLNG Project in the Surat and Bowen basins; the Australia Pacific LNG Project; the Queensland Curtis LNG Project; and the Pangaea Exploration Project.

The company made its debut at the APGA convention this year, to great success.

“Not only did we receive the results we set out to achieve, by strengthening our name in the market, but we also met some genuine, like-minded people. It was great to meet so many people with impressive industry experiences,” says Haley.

BHD is committed to refining its capacity to provide a complete field-based solution, and the company’s diverse suit of equipment, numbering 300 assets, including prime movers, flat top trails and extendable floats, as well as 30 high-tech, innovative, custom-designed vacuum tankers.

BHD has even patented its own automatic washing machine, for all-access matting requirements.

Looking to the future, BHD is determined to grow and innovate.

From Haley’s perspective, “We are consistently staying focused on our services, yet we are industry entrepreneurs. We can give our full attention to the job, but we keep an open mind to how it can be done differently or better.”

The company’s vision statement is “˜We don’t wait for possibilities. We create them’, and with Haley and Daniel at the helm, the possibilities for BHD are limitless.

For more information on BHD’s products and services visit www.bhdgroup.com.au.

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