QGC ready to bury polythene pipelines

The pipelines, of 160-315 m in diameter, will take gas and water from five existing gas wells near Wieambilla Rd, approximately 24 km north of Tara, to QGC facilities.

QGC has said that nearly half of the proposed work will be completed on land owned by the company and fourteen landholders directly affected have agreed to compensation packages for disturbance to their land.

QGC has said the work is expected to have little impact on landholders and any disturbed land would be rehabilitated.

Well-developed gas infrastructure surrounds the area around Wiembilla Rd, including the Roma to Brisbane pipeline and the Braemar pipeline.

The company intends to source 190 PJ/a of CSG from its Surat Basin tenements to feed supply of its QCLNG Project.

QGC is constructing an $A8 billion onshore coal seam gas (CSG)-to-LNG production and export facility on the Queensland coast as part of the project.

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