Qenos launches Alkadyneâ„¢ range

Qenos has developed a new PE100 pipe grade range in close partnership with Univation Technologies using state-of-the-art bimodal catalyst technology. The result is a resin with melt strength performance ideal for the production of large diameter, thick walled pipe for water and mining applications. Alkadyneâ„¢ HDF145B allows pipeline designers to consider polyethylene pipe in applications traditionally serviced by steel and concrete.

Qenos Product Development Executive Dr Predrag Micic said “HDF145B has ultra-low sag during extrusion enabling the production of pipes above 1,000 mm in diameter with wall thicknesses beyond 100 mm. This enables thick wall pipe design of dimensions and tolerances able to withstand higher operating pressures than previously possible.

Large pipe horizontal directional drilling projects can also benefit from the increased wall thickness with high tensile strength enabling long pipe strings to withstand the pulling forces employed during installation.”

The higher melt strength improves dimensional stability allowing tighter tolerances and real material savings while providing the ease of welding which is the key advantage of PE pipes.

Alkadyneâ„¢ HDF145B has very high specific output and runs at low melt temperatures leading to throughput increases, efficiency gains and creating cost savings for pipe producers.

For more information visit www.qenos.com

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