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Through its Pack Tuff bags, Pollard’s Sawdust Supplies provides customers with an economical and reliable solution.

Pollard’s Sawdust Supplies provides a reliable solution for pipeline bedding, and its Pack Tuff bags are supplied with timely service and competitive pricing.

Since 1968, Pollard’s Sawdust Supplies has processed, packaged and distributed wood shavings and sawdust across Australia.

Pack Tuff bags in situ. Image: Pollard’s Sawdust Supplies

The company’s primary material is sustainably sourced Australian softwood and hardwood fibres, and its eco-friendly products are biodegradable and chemical free.

Pollard’s Pack Tuff bags are both durable and uncompromising, essential factors in facilitating multiple re-uses in the heavy-duty pipeline industry.

Light, yet hard-wearing and resilient, the Pack Tuff bags are an ideal solution for protecting assets, not only on-site but also during transportation of the pipes and for storage in laydown yards.

Pollard’s Director Peter Brennan said this is a point of difference of the product.

“The Pack Tuff bags can withstand a lot of hammering,” he said.

“Companies choose our bags because they can take a great deal of rough handling and tossing about on job sites.”

Pack Tuff bags are ideal for medium-to-long-term storage, for reliable transport applications, and supporting pipes up off the ground.

The bags are also available in three convenient sizes to suit all diameters of pipes and will not explode under the weight of the pipe. The largest Pack Tuff bags are able to withstand up to 15 tonnes.

By comparison, hessian bags can deteriorate and tear easily which will render them useless; therefore, a tough, durable, heavy-duty product like Pack Tuff is essential to allow for multiple re-uses, particularly in a heavy industry such as pipelines. Sawdust filled Pack Tuff bags are far lighter than alternative options such as sand bags, and this allows for easier manoeuvrability and lowers risk from an occupational health and safety perspective.

Providing a flexible service, Pollard’s freight its Pack Tuff bags across Australia with pallets arriving on-site stretch-wrapped and weatherproof.

The bags have been used on numerous projects around the country involving companies such as McConnell Dowell, Steel Mains, MPC Kinetic, Spiecapag, John Holland, and Nacap. These projects include the Victorian Desalination Plant, Northern Gas Pipeline, Lake Way Gas Pipeline and currently the Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline in Queensland. Pack Tuff bags were also used on the Wentworth to Broken Hill Pipeline, for which Pollard’s provided 25,000 bags.

In addition to the Pack Tuff bags, the company supplies a number of other hard and softwood products Australia wide. These include a variety of chemical free and graded sawdust products which can be used for a range of applications in addition to pipe bedding, such as animal bedding, absorbing oil and chemical spills, horticultural applications, and as a composite component for a multitude of end products.

Pollard’s pride themselves on providing quality Australian sawdust and wood shavings products which is why their customers keep coming back.

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This article featured in the May edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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