Proline: offering the complete pipe bending solution

Proline bending machines are designed to work in minus 45 degrees Celcius to 50 degrees Celcius with only a change of fluid. There are no optional hot weather packages or cold weather packages as the machine is designed to work in both hot and cold environments.

The Proline BM0420HD bending machine

The Proline BM0420HD is a heavy duty bending machine that will bend pipe from 102-508 mm in diameter, with various wall thicknesses. One of the advantages of this bender is a very efficient hydraulic cooling system. It keeps the hydraulic fluid from overheating under extreme jobsite conditions. The operating temperatures are lowered and the entire system has lower overall operating pressures.

Other advantages include safety shutdown, larger-than-average side plates and specially designed filters. Furthermore, its rims and tires are oversized so that it is easier to move the machine through sand, snow and swamp. The open front design of the Proline BM0420HD allows the operator to see the pipe coming into the bender and gives the operator a better view of the bending procedure.

Equipment training and pre-bending services

Customers around the world have benefitted from Proline technicians travelling to their jobsites and holding training sessions for their employees, showing them the proper way to bend pipe.

Once the class is completed, the employees receive certificates of achievement stating that they have successfully completed the course. Not only is the employee trained to work safely, the company has found that employee morale has improved, which is an additional and very welcome benefit.

In addition, Proline will pre-bend pipe in its yard for customers who have the specifications and pipe delivered.

In 2012, Proline celebrated 45 years of servicing and supplying its customers’ needs and celebrated 25 years under the same management. While Proline manufactures pipe bending machines, it also carries lifting slings, lowering-in belts, beveling machines, manual cutters and more.

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