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Pro Pipe Services is now considered the number one provider and leaders of hot tapping, line isolation and pipeline services in the Australasian region. 

An Australian owned company, Pro Pipe Services has seen continued growth and has continued to expand its team to provide greater technician coverage and technical support to its existing and new customers.

The company’s line isolation works enable it to perform repairs and routine maintenance, alterations, adjustments and emergency repairs on pipelines with minimal disruption to flow. It also has the equipment necessary to hot tap a range of pipelines in different sizes and across various materials to repair and maintain live, pressurised pipelines. One recent example of this was Pro Pipe Services ability to provide hot taps and line isolation into a bio gas line at a major Victorian water treatment facility. Part of the project involved hot tapping a 12-inch (DN300) Stainless line. 

Director Joe Buttigieg says the customer required three 10-inch hot taps into their 12-inch (DN300) stainless steel header line to tie-into the new flare system. Due to the difficulty in tapping stainless steel, Pro Pipe Services provided a workshop mock up, using the same pipeline material and equipment to confirm the ability to tap such a difficult material. The successful project enabled the client to upgrade their facility without the need to shut down, allowing the facility to remain online while the alteration and major upgrade took place. 

Pro Pipe Services
Hot tapping into a bio gas pipeline.

In other news, Pro Pipe Services has been awarded several major pipeline projects to be completed in the last half of 2022. One of these projects involves the alteration of 22-inch (DN550) pipeline for one of Australia’s major gas companies. The job requires a double hot tap and line isolation with bypass for an alteration of a High-Pressure pipeline for a major road alteration to one of Australia’s busiest airports. The Pro Pipe Services footprint continues to grow; with work now being successfully completed in every state of Australia, and recently including Australia’s capital Canberra.

 “Our growth has been exceptional,” says Buttigieg. “We have seen substantial year over year growth, with more resources, and equipment investment, we can now cater to more customers in more locations, providing more pipeline services. We pride ourselves on our work ethic, our commitment to safety, and ensuring we deliver the highest of quality work, to complete the job on time and within budget.” Pro Pipe Services continues to deliver hot tapping, line isolation, commissioning and decommissioning, and pipeline services to the gas distribution and transmission pipeline industry, as well as water, throughout Australia.  

“With over 100 years of combined service of our team in the industry we believe Pipelines are in our blood,” says Buttigieg. 

To complement Pro Pipe Services hot tapping and line isolation services, it also provides pipeline equipment maintenance and repairs on all brands of hot tap and line isolation equipment,  WASK Bagtube, and pipeline equipment. 

For all your Hot Tapping, Line Isolation and pipeline services, contact the best in the business – Pro Pipe Services at

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