Primus Line celebrates 20 years

Primus Line® is a versatile liner system for the transport of liquid and gaseous media.

The flexible liner, reinforced with aramid fabric, and the specifically developed connectors form a high-performance solution for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipes or for setting up a robust independently placeable flexible line.

Since its official formation five years after the inception of an idea in 1996, the company said last two decades have been characterised by expansion and growth: new sales markets, new subsidiaries, new products for new areas of application.

Today, the company has five branches worldwide, including Australia, and has been involved in more than 1,500 projects.

“We invested a lot of money and time in the development of an innovative product with full conviction of an idea,” said Primus Line Managing Director and Owner Werner Rädlinger.

“Resources that were needed back then and that are paying off today. Family businesses have more staying power.

“We think in the long term and do business sustainably, because – now looking to the future – I would like to pass on my company successfully to the next generation.”

Despite 20 years in business, Mr Rädlinger said the company had a number of goals still to be achieved.

“We want to continue to open up new markets, find new areas of application and develop our product range accordingly.

“We want to push areas of application such as in the waste water sector or in industry even more,” he said.

“In addition, we will start the construction of three new halls this year to expand our storage capacities and to pick our orders.

“A total of 8,000 m² of space will be created, which we will urgently need in the next few years.”

For more information visit the Primus Line website.

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