Pressure and Safety Systems adopt a “˜no harm’ policy

Large-scale pipeline projects carry with them significant risks to workers, contractors, equipment and assets as well as the environment. Minimising these risks through a coherent safety policy is critical to the success of these projects.

In awarding contracts for the provision of services on these projects, big companies are increasingly looking to the safety credentials of potential contractors and equipment suppliers.

Pressure and Safety Systems, an Australian service partner which provides Mercer Safety Relief Valves, has adopted a “˜no harm’ policy to increase its chances of winning contracts on major projects.

Engineering Manager Malcolm Reeve says “We are passionate about contributing to a “˜no harm’ environment on Australian projects when supplying our Mercer Safety Relief Valves.”

Mr Reeve says that Mercer Flanged Safety Relief Valves are between 27 and 64 percent lighter and are considerably smaller than other conventional spring-operated valves, guaranteeing less physical strain on all workers involved in the fabrication of the well head skids, onsite commissioning of skid valves and long-term in-field maintenance of the valves.

“Easier to handle valves ensure a reduced risk of injury for employees and contractors, and greater occupational health and safety compliance,” says Mr Reeve.

The valves also protect equipment and assets as they are designed with a unique spherical seat which incorporates a soft seat seal. Mercer Valves are capable of surviving rough in-field handling without damage to the sealing capability of the valve and, unlike other valves, are not required to be transported vertically.

Equipment downtime is also minimised with Mercer Valves as they require no seat lapping when an overhaul is undertaken. Instead, a new seat is easily fitted in a very short time and the valve can be re-set and back in-service extremely quickly – all to manufacturers’ original specifications.

Pressure and Safety Systems also has a “˜no harm’ policy regarding the environment. As Mr Reeve notes “It is vital that as little gas as possible escapes to the environment.”

Mercer Valves are tested for zero leakage at 95 per cent of set pressure. Where old style metal-seated valves tend to trap particles between the disc and seat after blow-off, causing significant leakage, the unique “˜lip seal style soft seat’, ensures no loss of gas to the atmosphere even after the valve has operated many times.

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