Precision onsite milling services help overcome downtime risk

Even minor misalignments in plant machinery can translate into big trouble. An error of millimetres can – and has – disabled machinery by causing premature wear and major production interruptions.

Areas where precision in situ milling and machining services are vital include feedout conveyors, heat exchangers, pump and motor pads, steel mill stands, turbine split lines, large mobile materials handling machinery, and static forming and fabrication machinery.

“Companies involved in maintenance programs often can’t afford to spend time dismantling heavy plant machinery to take it offsite for servicing – it’s just not practical to do so. That is why we are introducing an onsite machining service with technologies already proven with global leaders in the resources sector,” said Hydratight Commercial Leader Neil Ferguson.

Services available through Hydratight’s onsite machining service include:

  • Flange facing;
  • SPO compact flange machining;
  • Line boring;
  • Milling and keyway cutting;
  • Portable thread milling;
  • Pipe cut and end prep;
  • Drilling, trepanning, boring and reaming;
  • Journal turning, shaft turning repair and tyre grinding;
  • Laser surveying;
  • Hot and cold tapping;
  • Heat exchanger services and boiler weighing packages; and,
  • Stud removal.

Innovative technologies

Hydratight’s onsite skills are complemented by innovative technologies such as all-axis milling machines and mini mills. When combined with Hydratight’s onsite, in situ machining services, these technologies offer increased plant up-time and safety, while cutting assembly, dismantling and transport costs for refurbishment and maintenance
of equipment.

Hydratight’s three-axis portable milling machine is the company’s most versatile and accurate milling tool, capable of traveling and machining in all axes. This tool is designed for rugged onsite machining such as milling, drilling and boring applications on jobs previously thought to be impossible without extensive disassembly.

When used as a facing mill, this milling machine tool will quickly face off pitted or misaligned surfaces, restoring the original condition of the part being machined.

“Three-axis is ideal for onsite machining large and small rectangular areas accurately. This portable mill can be clamped or bolted directly onto the part being machined or fabricated. In addition, setup jigs and parallel-mounting fixtures can be used to position it in difficult work area conditions,” said Mr Ferguson.

In addition to portable milling and boring bars, Hydratight maintenance services portable heat-treating tools are available for service with experienced Hydratight technicians.

For more information visit or call Neil Ferguson on (08) 9353 1659.

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