PLIDCO® introduces hydrogen-compliant fittings


PLIDCO® is an industry leader when it comes to the development of repair products that meet the standards required for hydrogen pipelines.

PLIDCO® manufactures high-pressure onshore and subsea pipeline repair and maintenance products worldwide that ensure safe repairs and reliable installations while preventing or minimising costly shutdowns.

The company has been an industry leader for nearly 75 years, providing high-quality, dependable fittings to meet the needs of an ever-changing energy market.

It’s no surprise that it is leading the charge in the development of repair systems for hydrogen pipelines as the world shifts to hydrogen-based energy systems.

PLIDCO® now maintains a full inventory of fittings that are compatible for use in hydrogen pipelines.

Each of its hydrogen-approved products is painted with distinctive green markings to easily differentiate them from other PLIDCO® products.

PLIDCO® Split+Sleeve stops leaks without shutdown or welding

PLIDCO® Split+Sleeves are repair fittings used to seal leaks caused by corrosion or damage to onshore and subsea pipelines.

Suitable for use on hydrogen pipelines and easy to install, PLIDCO® Split+Sleeves are manufactured to meet the requirements of ASME B31.12, hydrogen piping and pipelines using ISO 15156-compliant materials and Viton™ Seals.

Using the Split+Sleeve, the defect is contained once the fitting is fully torqued on the line.

For onshore applications, the fitting can be welded to the pipeline while it is under flow, making it a permanent repair.

Fittings not welded to the line can be removed, reconditioned by PLIDCO® and put back in the customer’s safety stock (some restrictions may apply).

Fittings are tested to 1.5 times the design pressure. Steel GirderRings prevent displacement and damage of packing during installation.

Standard working pressures are 1,000, 1,500, and 2,220 Pounds per square inch (PSI) maximum allowable operating pressures (MAOP).

Higher working pressures and various lengths are available, and custom emergency repair fittings can be supplied when a stock fitting is not applicable.

Quality fittings with a five-year warranty from a trusted supplier  

PLIDCO®’s high-pressure fittings are designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards, following ASME/ANSI codes and adhering to PLIDCO®’s strict quality control program.

The company’s products come with the pipeline industry’s only five-year warranty which – along with PLIDCO®’s reputation for providing world-class products – guarantees customers have reliable products and a positive experience.

PLIDCO® prides itself on developing new and innovative solutions to serve the emergency pipeline repair and maintenance industry across hydrogen, oil, gas, water, chemical, steam, slurry and other piping system applications.

Its proven record of manufacturing efficient products allows customers to avoid or minimise costly shutdowns while keeping employees and the environment safe.

PLIDCO® has partnered exclusively with Tremco Pipeline Equipment to service the Australia and Oceania region since 2000.

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