Pipes for life: 2008 APIA awards

The Life Member: Stephen Ohl

Following a 30 year involvement in the Australian pipeline industry, APA Group Manager Operations Stephen Ohl received an Honorary Life Membership to APIA.

Mr Ohl was nominated by Andy Lukas, seconded by Mark Twycross, and was voted unanimously to Honorary Life Membership to APIA by the Association’s Board.

APIA President Ashley Kellett said that since Stephen began his career in the pipeline industry in Queensland, he had been involved in all phases of the development, ownership, operation and maintenance of high pressure oil and gas pipelines. Currently Stephen is responsible for all operational aspects of APA Group, which owns the largest group of geographically spread high pressure pipelines in Australia.

“Throughout his career, Stephen has made a major and sustained contribution to the Australian pipeline industry and APIA, which has been demonstrated by roles such as being a Director from 1993 to 1997, including a term as President of the Association in 1995 to 1996,” said Mr Kellett.

Mr Kellett said that it was during Stephen’s stewardship of APIA that a couple of landmark decisions were made that have significantly benefited the Association since. These include the establishment of a dedicated, full-time secretariat to “˜professionalise’ the Association, and inaugurating the “˜Outstanding Contribution to the Australian Pipeline Industry Award.’

“Over the years, Stephen has been an active member of various APIA steering committees formulating business and strategic plans. He has also been an active participant at annual Conventions as both Chairman and Speaker, along with numerous APIA seminars over many years, including recently at the 2008 Young Pipeliners Forum (YPF) seminar in Brisbane.”

Mr Kellett said that in the broader pipeline industry, Stephen was a respected “˜elder.’

“His general industry knowledge is difficult to exceed, and people at all levels in the industry consult with him to draw on his vast knowledge and experience – something Stephen is always only too happy to oblige.

“His sustained promotion of APIA and the industry at all levels has made him an important and well respected ambassador and a worthy recipient of this prestigious award,” said Mr Kellett.

In his response on accepting the award Mr Ohl expressed a sincere thank you to the Association and the members of the APIA board for the award. He also acknowledged that no person achieves success without the assistance and contribution of a lot of equally deserving individuals and as such the award should be seen as acknowledging the effort of a lot of people over the years. In particular, Stephen acknowledged the support of his wife, Judi, and APA Group Managing Director Mick McCormack.

The outstanding: Ted Metcalfe

Ted Metcalfe was announced as the winner of the 2008 APIA award for Outstanding Contribution to the Australian Pipeline Industry, following an active involvement in the industry of more than 20 years.

Mr Kellett said “Ted has become an industry stalwart whilst keeping a low profile; he is always available to provide wise advice, strong support and mentoring – and robust comment if need be.

“It is this robust comment where Ted’s exceptional ethical standards allow him to demonstrate to the industry what must be done as opposed to what could be done.

“These characteristics of Ted’s approach are most important to the long term excellence of the industry.”

Originally from Canada, Mr Metcalfe arrived in Australia in 1982 and has made his mark within this industry ever since.

“Ted has delivered engineering excellence and leadership over a long career and provides strong support for ongoing improvements to pipeline engineering and operations with indirect input through Continued from page 30

the AS2885 committee, direct input to the APIA Research and Standards Committee and well recognised mentoring of peers and young Pipeliners,” Mr Kellett said.

“The key area in which Ted has and continues to make a valuable contribution is in the development of the future technical leaders who will maintain the Australian pipeline industry as one of the best in the world.

“This includes inaugural input and ongoing support for APIA’s YPF and a purposeful and concerted drive for specific and high quality pipeline engineering training.

“Ted has continually been a key industry leader in elevating safety and risk management standards,” said Mr Kellett.

“He has been an active member of the APIA Safety Committee and has taken the lead on many of its initiatives, including as a member of its judging panel for APIA’s Annual Safety Award.

Mr Kellett concluded “He has developed very objective risk assessment approaches whilst ensuring the risk managed approach always adds to value.”

The young achiever: Lara Kayess

Oil Search Limited’s Lara Kayess was the winner of the 2008 Young Achievement Award.

Since joining Oil Search Ms Kayess has progressed from Project Coordinator through to Project Manager roles to now be responsible for the management of the full stay in business capital program for seven producing oil and gas fields in Papua New Guinea that collectively
produce over 40,000 Boe/d.

In this role she is leading a team of around 30 engineers, designers and site supervisors and is required to constantly manage a variety of internal and external interfaces and conflicting priorities.

Presenting the award Mr Kellett said “Lara has been an outstanding and energetic supporter of APIA activities over recent years and she is one of the people who represent the next generation of our industry.

“Whilst she has been involved in the hydrocarbon industry since graduation, Lara first became involved in the pipeline sector through her attendance at Gas Speak soon after joining Oil Search in 2005,” he said.

“Her enthusiastic response to this experience led to her attendance at the inaugural APIA YPF in 2006. From this gathering she willingly took on the role of YPF Co-ordinator for Queensland and has been extremely active in growing both the size and the involvement of that group ever since.

“She has also been a key participant in the National YPF Steering Group and was one of the driving forces behind the highly successful YPF held in Brisbane in May 2008.

“It is important to note that Lara is not one to “˜hide her light under a bushel.’ She is very much an “˜out there’ sort of person constantly espousing the great things about our industry and her work,” said Mr Kellett.

“She has spoken at a number of APIA forums, both formal and informal, including the May 2008 YPF and is always well able to get her point across.

“She has the wonderful combination of vision, drive and communication skills that make leaders in all walks of life stand out.

“Lara is certainly a worthy recipient of the 2008 APIA Young Achievement Award for her contribution in raising the profile of the up and coming younger generation of Pipeliners.”

Ms Kayess said that she was thrilled to receive the award and has enjoyed all of the opportunities that have come her way during her time in the pipeline
industry. She enthusiastically describes her role as Queensland YPF Co-ordinator as a fantastic opportunity and looks forward to seeing the further development and growth of the national YPF program.

Ms Kayess said that she finds her role as Facilities Project Team Leader at Oil Search challenging and extremely rewarding and is grateful for the support that her colleagues have provided her.

Congratulations go to Mr Ohl, Mr Metcalfe and Ms Kayess on their achievements and receiving their awards.

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