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New pipelayer models, the 583T and 587T, launched in 2006 by Caterpillar were engineered for reliable production in the toughest working conditions. Built primarily for pipeline contractors, the new machines match customer requirements of transportability, durability, operator comfort and precision control with significant visibility improvements. The 583T and 587T offer the reliability and durability customers have come to expect from Cat Pipelayers.

Pipelayer controls are standardised and relocated for one-hand control of the load line and boom. Operator access to and visibility from the operator station (optional cabs available for both models) has been enhanced with redesign of the hood and fuel tank.

Meeting the needs of contractors throughout the globe, the pipelayers have the most advanced electronic engine available in the industry. The Caterpillar C15 Engines with ACERT Technology meet the latest worldwide emissions standards for the Environmental Protection Agency, the European Union and the Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation, while retaining legendary Cat durability and reliability.

Incredibly strong, a Caterpillar purpose-built pipelayer has a maximum lift capacity of 63,504 kg (140,000 lbs) for the 583T and a massive 91,625 kg (202,000 lbs) for the 587T, which is similar to the 594H Pipelayer.

Commonality in steering controls enables operators to easily adjust to operating other current model Cat tractors and pipelayers. Long track frames and wide gauge undercarriages provide a stable platform for lifting. Smooth operating, hydrostatic drawworks and extendible counterweights improve machine stability while lifting the large-diameter, heavy-wall pipe being used on major projects around the world.

In addition to an extensive line of Caterpillar pipelayers, dozers and excavators, PLM has a reliable supply of allied pieces to meet particular pipeline needs. Experience with the challenges faced on the pipeline right-of-way has lead to the development of some additional, purpose-built solutions and Vanguard design engineers have worked with pipeline industry leaders and technicians to develop solutions to their issues and concerns in the field. Solutions developed are field proven and meet international engineering standards. PLM is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the Vanguard units.

The Vanguard Continuous Powered Welder

The CPW 125-4 welding package is engineered to mount on any number of Caterpillar machines allowing for removal and storage of the welder and resumption of other duties for the carrier unit. Power generation is independent of the carrier allowing the unit to be moved without shutting down the power which results in a faster cycle time for welding a joint of pipe. A closely governed genset results in tighter frequency control creating higher quality welds and fewer weld repairs.

Additionally, the cycling time of line-up clamps is quick with the air compressor delivering air at both a higher volume
(1815 litres/min – 2548.5 litres/min.) and pressure (250 psi). As there is no down time for the compressor while moving the unit, air is replenished much faster than the previous industry standard.

The Vanguard Wetdeck

The fully engineered Wetdeck package economically converts aging Caterpillar 572E/G, 583H/K, 594G/H pipelayers’ mechanical drawworks into state-of-the-art hydraulic units, offering comparable operator functionality and control to a modern Caterpillar pipelayer.

The Vanguard Wetdeck is made under license from Caterpillar and has controls identical to the 561M/N and 572R pipelayers, allowing operators to move easily to other machines. The Wetdecks come with 13,608 kg (30,000 lbs), free-fall winches and boom and hook drawworks are driven by independent hydraulic winches and can perform two independent winch functions at one time. The modular packages come ready to bolt onto the existing machine, either by installation by a local Caterpillar dealer or in the contractor’s own facility.

The Vanguard Combo Unit

This Caterpillar-licensed pipelayer attachment is engineered for the Cat D5N and D6N track-type tractors. The combo provides a “˜two-in-one’ machine, for smaller projects, that is versatile and easily transported while still providing maximum operator comfort, vision and productivity. Work tools available include variable pitch power angle and tilt blades. Lifting capacity is as high as 18,700 kg (41,200 lb), depending on load and boom line configuration.

The folding boom configuration of the Vanguard Combo Unit allows for fast, easy boom storage using only winch controls and requiring only the operator. The combo is easily transported with the boom attached and folded over the cab of the tractor. The modular design allows for fast replacement, easy field service and testing.

The pipelayer support structure mounts directly to the main frame, which allows the tracks to oscillate, and can be easily removed. In pipelaying mode, hydraulically-actuated cylinders lockout the tractor’s equaliser bar, providing a stable pipelayer lifting platform. In dozer mode, lockout cylinders automatically retract allowing track frames to oscillate, retaining Caterpillar’s original dozer-design intent.

The combo’s controls are similar to Cat 561M/N and 572R pipelayers, allowing simultaneous, precise positioning of the load line and boom. Boom and hook drawworks are driven by independent hydraulic winches allowing for two independent winch functions at once. Emergency quick-drop function on load line control allows the operator to lower the load quickly.

Vacuum pipe lifter

PLM distributes the Lift Technologies vacuum lifting attachment for pipe handling. The lifter can be attached to an excavator, allowing the operator to move the pipe in a smooth rotating motion versus using a pipelayer and turning the entire machine to position the pipe. The efficiency and safety of vacuum lifting makes it ideal for loading and unloading large quantities of pipe.

The LT30 Vacuum Lifter has a load/lift capacity 13,608 kg (30,000 lbs) and is operated by standard radio controls. Cycle time between lifts is minimised with the high volume vacuum pump. The lifter has sufficient vacuum reservoir size to maintain the load in case of pump or engine failure and comes equipped with audible and visual warning alarms for low vacuum and malfunctions. The high-capacity rotator allows controlled movement and placement of pipe.

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