Pipeline integrity simplified on show at APGA Exhibition

Pipe Tek

Have you ever seen the results of an intelligent pipeline pig that can collect five different data sets in the one pass? APGA Convention and Exhibition Major Sponsor Pipe Tek will be demonstrating how you can simplify your pipeline integrity and maintenance at booth #56 and #57 during the event, aiming to save you time and money.

At the 2023 APGA Convention and Exhibition, Pipe Tek will be displaying an intelligent pipeline pig data set depicting five concurrent data collections taken in a single pass to identify features and anomaly types and assess metal loss occurring within a pipeline.

Pipe Tek’s Myles Brannelly and Taddam Farrant will be joined on booth #56 and #57 by Enduro Pipeline Services’ Director of Business Development Matt Peterson to talk through the robust data collection that Enduro’s industry leading Digitel Flux Logger (DfL) tool and Enduro’s new pig tracking receiver, the RX-102.

Simplified pipeline integrity on show

Using axial magnetic flux leakage (MfL) data, the DfL tool concurrently collects data to assess metal loss, deformation, and inertial surveys, along with internal/external discrimination and residual field data.

The closely coupled data allows analysts to more readily process and recognise pipeline features and assess conditions. Any areas indicating geometry and/or metal loss features can be simultaneously evaluated for deformation, strain, profile, and permeability variations. Analysis of the pipeline data can also be easily compared to previous runs of the DfL tool, with a correlation report identifying any new features that weren’t present in previous tool surveys.

The tools’ industry leading design and data storage techniques enables diverse data sets to be taken while still providing an easy-to-manage tool, with the DfL typically shorter in length and lighter in weight than most other MfL tools on the market. This makes it a good option for lines with short launch and/or receive line traps, allowing data to be  quickly examined to determine new features or anomalies, and reported to operators for a fast response, saving time and money.

Impact-resistant pig tracker with built in geophone amplifier

Pipe Tek will also be showcasing Enduro’s latest addition to its full line of tracking equipment, the RX-102 Tracking Receiver. The weather-resistant receiver is a complete 22 Hz and Acoustic (Geophone) tracking solution with a built-in geophone amplifier.

The RX 102 Tracking Receiver also comes with:

  • External wand antenna with 6′ cable
  • 50′ antenna extension cable
  • Geophone probe with 50′ cable
  • 6′ vehicle stereo audio cable
  • (1/8 in or 3.5 mm jack)
  • Impact-resistant, weatherproof hard case
  • 5- C Alkaline Batteries.

Pipe Tek APGA

Talk pipeline turnkey solutions

Brannelly and Farrant will be on hand to talk about Pipe Tek’s full pipeline integrity and maintenance turnkey solutions across non-destructive testing (NDT), pre-cleaning, gauging, filling, hydrostatic and pneumatic testing, dewatering, drying with either desiccant or refrigerant dryers, nitrogen purging, caliper pigging, inline inspection (ILI) with dig ups and verification by phase array.

Pipe Tek is proud to be a Major Sponsor of the APGA 2023 Convention and Exhibition, bringing attendees the Saturday YPF Drinks and Saturday Welcome Reception, the photo booth at Monday’s Fancy Dress Dinner, and drink bottles available in your delegate satchel.

Make sure to visit the Pipe Tek team and welcome Enduro’s Matt Peterson to Perth by visiting booth #56 and #57 – conveniently situated next to the exhibition food station.

For more information about Pipe Tek’s services, visit www.pipetek.com.au

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