Pipe Tek and Enduro make invaluable impact

Pipe Tek and Enduro Pipeline Services’ partnership has had an invaluable impact on the local pipeline industry and, despite still being in its infancy, is continuing to develop and expand.

Since Pipe Tek formed an exclusive global partnership deal with Enduro Pipeline Services in 2019, this collaboration has allowed Pipe Tek to branch out and be more diverse.

From the beginning of the company in 1988 to the present day, Enduro offers services and sales to assist oil and gas industry professionals, focussing on their potential pipeline problems.

The product offering of the brand is one of a kind and ranges from bidirectional, bi di magnet pigs, brush pigs, scrapper tools, pig links/chains for faster cleaning and movement of debris in the pipeline, as well as MFL and DFL tools on both gas and petro chemical and water pipelines.

Chief Operating Officer Taddam Farrant told The Australian Pipeliner that Pipe Tek wanted to find a product to bring into Australia that would perform above its competitors and provide more efficient and reliable data to its clients.

“Having Enduro being able to supply the best cleaning tools in the industry, and all the other products they have, we thought they were the best fit for us as we work directly with the owner and the dedicated, long-standing team they have rather than a large board of people,” he said.

Pipe Tek Chief Operating Officer Taddam Farrant and Enduro Sales Manager J.R. Morgan at the Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management (PPIM) event in Houston, Texas, this year.

“We have great admiration for its tools and work culture. Enduro is a highly credible company, bringing more efficient and smarter solutions to the industry that we wanted to be a part of and bring to the Australian oil and gas industry.”

The free trade agreement between the US and Australia also makes things easier in terms of freighting the tools which facilitated the genesis of the partnership between the two companies.

Today, both organisations are adamant: the partnership has borne its fruits, as the collaboration with Enduro has allowed Pipe Tek to branch out and be more diverse.

“Partnering with a reliable and professional ILI tool manufacturer was the missing piece to the Pipe Tek puzzle,” Farrant said.

“We can now offer our clients a full turnkey solution. Before we could only offer the testing and cleaning services, and demobilising, while someone else came in for the caliper tool or ILI tool running and then re-mobilise for the drying.

“Now we can offer the ILI tool service and can complete with all aspects of testing and commissioning.”

Pipe Tek personnel are also trained to run all aspects of this and stay onsite to ensure continuity throughout. Farrant said the company now has the MFL, caliper and cleaning tools based on the east coast of Australia.

“The tools remain there and can be calibrated and rebuilt in Australia to be used for future jobs. This reduces costs to our clients and saves a phenomenal amount of time in freight as we drive the tools straight to site with the team,” he said.

In addition to providing pigging, testing, and commissioning services around Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands, Pipe Tek also provides leading pig trains on its projects.

The hard-working pipeline testing firm based in Brisbane chose Enduro as a partner because the two brands both have one core value in common: quality.

Thanks to the partnership between Pipe Tek and Enduro, caliper pigs can pair with geometry pigging tools to measure and remap an entire pipeline.

These tools create a 3D rendering of the entire pipe run, which operators can use to see blockages, sections of pipeline that have been knocked out of alignment, deformations to the pipeline surface, and more, all of which is extremely helpful for planning pipeline repairs.

Pipe Tek Managing Director Myles Brannelly said the collaboration between the two companies is “like a family”.

“Enduro is extremely supportive and appreciative of what we do for the brand in Australia,” Brannelly said.

The companies are aiming for the stars, and the future of their partnership is promising, with both to continue to grow and expand in Australia to position Pipe Tek as the go-to service for ILI and testing.

Brannelly says the partnership also aims to provide professional support and advice to asset owners for pipeline integrity, helping them effectively and efficiently maintain and manage their assets.

“We are extremely fortunate to have the support of Enduro’s highly experienced and knowledgeable engineering and design teams so we can design, and manufacture custom made tools for all our clients,” he said.

“We have the ability to put together pigging programs which assists with the longevity, safety and preparation for ILI to provide the best possible data, and continue benefiting the Australian oil and gas industry.”

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